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Chinese Lantern Festival

Stowe Botanical Gardens
1318 Lynbrook Dr Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: 704-708-8855
Chinese Lantern Festival - There are still wonders and amazing things to see, hear and experience, and if you have the eyes of child to see them, everyday is that day, everyday is today. This evening I went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden 6500 South New Hope Road, Belmont NC 28012 just a short drive from Charlotte, but light years away in thought. I was invited by Warren, George and his crew on a pre-opening tour of the gardens; decorated for the Chinese Lantern Festival that opens on September 7th. Film at eleven.....Keep this date open, you will want to be a child again. The Garden has been magically transformed into a glyph of imaginations run wild. The experience is magical, the artistry is excellent, and here without telling you a single thing about the content of the box, I encourage you to go. Be impressed, be awe struck, be alive, be ready to smile and walk slowly through the garden. One price allows you to walk and linger in the garden as long as you can. I suggest that you walk your slowest, linger and meander, stopping to pause to see the attractions, smell the flowers, let your mind out of the bag, and enjoy the moments. A once in a lifetime experience. Every turn along the path will lower your jaw and tighten your smile bone. You will find dimples you never knew you had. If you want to feel good, indulge your senses and dive into this Chinese delight. And some of you will say: “Wow, an adventure of the mind!” and rush there. Others will demand proof that the tangible other world that I beckon you to actually exist, and need substantive proof before saddling up the Subaru, and gassing up the kids for this three hour tour within your own brain. I suggest that you come in the evening arriving about 7PM and start your tour in the twilight and slowly slowly make your way through the brick maze of paths….then as the sun goes to bed, the creatures come to life. Don’t fear the weather? Not to worry it never rains on a happy heart. You will see two worlds as the sun disappears the dream world of the Chinese Lantern Festival reveals the parallel universe that always exist. So thank the crew and staff for allowing you to enter the connecting portal between these two same but different experiences. The other thing that has shown up today is the opportunity to help those effected by the flooding storm in Houston Texas. I bring you to the empathetic concept of helping with no anticipation or return. Warren and I have committed to sending a truckload of Matador Passion Tea to the distressed residents of Houston. Every person experiences occasional fluctuations in their lives, but sometimes Miss Fortune knocks more than opportunity and at this point, it is okay not to answer the call, but fill the void with a smile or a hug or a warm blanket or a sip of tea. Warren and I are tea makers, so we lend our trade and craft, the hand that we have to those in need; Houston. Houston we have a solution to your problem. Ask us how we can help more.
Information & Amenities
Admission:More than $50
Age Range:All Ages
Discounts:Senior Citizen
Facility Amenities:Food/Beverage Service
General Information:Hours of Operation: 5-9pm
Payment Methods:Visa
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