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DevOps Mini Tech Summit

DevOps Mini Tech Summit

DevOps Mini Tech Summit
Charlotte Convention Center Level 3 West Wing – Room #208 501 South College St Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: 678-990-1593
During this half-day tech summit, experts will present real-world use cases to highlight the most successful tools, methodologies and management strategies proven to foster a high speed and highly adaptable, DevOps enabled, operations infrastructure and culture. IT’S ALL ABOUT COLLABORATION DevOps is not simply a set of tools or a job title – it is a culture, a state of being, a way of life. It is the next generation of agile business and it is rapidly becoming the norm in companies of all shapes and sizes. Since DevOps is both a professional and a cultural movement, fostering a highly collaborative culture is critical to a successful transformation. And that means at its core DevOps is about unification – of people, process, policy and product that support rapid application development and deployment demands. To achieve full speed in DevOps, operations and infrastructure teams alike must be empowered to break down information silos and begin to work with both customers and developm
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Age Range:Adults (18+)
General Information:Hours of Operation: 11:30 am - 5:00 pm
Location:Center City (Uptown)
Type:Conference, Convention, Trade Show & Expo