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3 to See in … 28277

What’s in a number? Lots. Each of Charlotte’s zip codes encompasses diverse enclaves that are full of life and culture.

By Emily Farrington Smith

Bring on the Baklava at Big View Diner
Located less than 1 mile from the South Carolina state line lies Big View Diner. Retro dining at its finest, Big View isn’t just big in name. The perfectly crafted menu is big on taste and variety, too, serving up three square meals that call on locally sourced ingredients. Opened in 2009 by three first-generation Greek-American brothers, Big View Diner’s menu is heavily influenced by Mediterranean flavors. Don’t miss staple dishes like savory souvlaki, a classic lamb gyro or baklava crafted by the in-house pastry chef. Visit on a Tuesday to take part in the hugely popular family night special. Guests enjoy three courses served family-style. As they say, there’s no better reason to celebrate the tradition of family than around the dinner table.

Ballantyne West

Kick up your heels at Ballantyne Ballroom
When you’re determined to work off hearty dishes and decadent desserts from Big View Diner, head around the corner to Ballantyne Ballroom. This adorable Charlotte dance studio offers lessons in the classics, including swing, cha-cha, waltz and salsa, among others. While the studio boasts an extensive list of private lessons, Ballantyne Ballroom recommends coming to a beginner’s group dance class first to gauge your ability and then set up private lessons. Want to impress your co-workers at your company holiday party? Check out a beginner’s fox trot or tango class. Just leave the jeans and sneakers at home and take full advantage of this excellent excuse to break out those sultry heels and cut a rug.

Neighborhood: Ballantyne East

Cheers, beers and spirits at Bradshaw Social House
Just across the street from Ballantyne Ballroom, Bradshaw Social House bustles with comradery and the clanking of cocktail glasses and beer mugs. When your last dance number has ended, celebrate your smooth moves or mourn your two left feet with a drink—or two. Bradshaw Social House has created an eclectic menu of adult beverages, each with a quirky description, like The Wump (vodka, fresh squeezed grapefruit and a splash of gingerale); its blurb reads, “Created by a distinguished South Charlotte gentleman. We are just along for the ride.” But the menu isn’t confined to offbeat cocktails; choose from any number of local brews, like an IPA from Birdsong Brewing Co. or a German pilsner from The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. 

Neighborhood: Ballantyne East


This article ran in the Dec. 20016/Jan. 2017 of Charlotte Happenings.