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Finding New Ground

By Laura White

Look closely and you’ll spot chipped teacups, cracked dishes and similar items when inspecting the 6-foot mosaic pine cones that flank the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Providence Station entrance on North Wendover Avenue in Grier Heights. Entitled “Finding New Ground” by Charlotte-based artist Tom Thoune, the pine cones were constructed in 2011 as a symbol of the neighborhood’s strength and durability. Located just southeast of Center City, Grier Heights is one of Charlotte’s oldest African-American neighborhoods and was first established in 1886 by former slaves who started farms there.

In addition to integrating pieces donated by area residents, each of the pine cone’s “petals” incorporate scenes from the neighborhood, including sketches of houses in the area. Thoune’s mosaic art can also be seen in an installation entitled “Where East Meets West” along the LYNX Blue Line in South End.

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This article ran in the June 2016 issue of Charlotte Happenings.

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