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The Writer’s Desk

Art Smart The Writer's Desk
Art Smart The Writer's Desk

Story by Bernie Petit

Ten years ago, the plaza of ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center on East Seventh Street was transformed by The Writer’s Desk, a public art display that honors a man considered to be one of Charlotte’s patron saints of the arts. Created in 2005 by Larry Kirkland, the work pays tribute to Rolfe Neill, longtime chairman and publisher of The Charlotte Observer.

To unify the adult themes of Neill’s columns with the exuberance of the children who visit ImaginOn: The Joe & Joan Martin Center, Kirkland created a sculpture representative of a writer’s tools: the quill of a pen, a stack of books, a keyboard and pencils. The objects, engraved with text from Neill’s writing, activate the site and encourage investigation and interaction.

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This article ran in the December 2015 issue of Charlotte Happenings.

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