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A Tale of Two Cities

By Allison Hancin

Casual by Day

Sink your toes in the sand at Ramsey Creek Beach

Memorial Day (opening day) at Ramsey Creek Beach in Lake Norman ushers in a summer of swimming and shoreside bathing. With sunscreen, bathing suits and beach towels at the ready, your excited little helpers pack the designated beach bag for a day of sun and surf. But instead of a long trip to the east coast, your family is bound for waters much closer to home.

Nestled on a peninsula stretching out into Lake Norman sits Ramsey Creek Beach, a destination for watersports enthusiasts and beach bums alike. Families make the most of the lake’s refreshing waves, while budding architects build sand castles worthy of royalty. Adventure beyond the shore to find picnic shelters, a playground and more than a mile of nature trails. There’s even a dog park for Fido.

You opt for the first chapters of your summer beach read between rounds of reapplying sunscreen and judging sandcastle designs. Before long, it’s time for your brood to pack up for the short ride back. You do your best to shake off the stray sand from your flip-flops but welcome the few grains that make their way home with you.

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Refined by Night

Sail in style with Yachta Yachta Yachta Charters

Lounging on the shoreline may give you a front-row seat to waterfront breezes and feet-cooling waves, but nothing beats a bird’s-eye view enjoyed while sailing along the calm of the tide.

From aboard a luxury yacht—yours for the evening—you glide through Lake Norman’s seemingly endless, glassy waters. You play captain as your guests, dressed in their nautical best, arrive to celebrate your milestone birthday or any other reason to party.

At Yachta Yachta Yachta Charters, every occasion is one worthy of taking to the water. Whether you embark on a private dinner cruise on the Cabin Cruiser or are joined by more than one hundred colleagues for a soiree on a two-story vessel, the venue is one guests won’t soon forget.

Tonight, you’ve found the perfect setting in which to celebrate with close friends. The music builds, and you raise your glass in a toast. Between the show-stopping sunsets and attentive crew, you may forget you’ve only rented the yacht for the night.

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This article ran in the May 2017 issue of Charlotte Happenings.