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Treat Yourself with a Visit to Kandy Bar

Enjoy the Queen City’s royal treatment.

By Kailtin Sheppard

Kandy Bar is the Queen City’s newest nightspot. But this one boasts a little something extra sweet—dessert. Located in Uptown, the 8,900-square-foot upscale venue dishes up 32 decadent desserts, ranging from liquor-infused cupcakes to tried-and-true classics, like cannoli and a banana split sundae. If you’re in the mood for a spirited beverage, Kandy Bar has the bases covered. A bevy of champagne, wine and beer selections, plus specialty cocktails and spiked coffee, headline the drink menu. The craft martini selections embrace nostalgic flavors, like Kotton Kandy, Apple Pie and Nutter Butter, that will make you feel like a grown-up kid in a candy shop. Don’t worry if you overdo it a bit; Kandy Bar’s dance floor is one beat away from the 25 VIP tables and a 360-degree bar where you can shake off that extra bite of cheesecake à la mode. For an after-hours sweet retreat with co-workers and friends, let your taste buds do the talking at Kandy Bar.

This article ran in the July 2016 issue of Happenings Magazine.