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Backstage at the IMAX

Beyond its wondrous aquariums and interactive science stations, Discovery Place is home to the IMAX Dome Theatre, the largest movie-going experience in the Carolinas. Learn how IMAX magic is made with the world’s most powerful film projector and the largest film format on the planet. Participants will get a peek at a standard IMAX film reel containing 2.5 miles of film and weighing 250 pounds. Then, they’ll learn how the reels are assembled and readied for viewing. Guests will meet with an IMAX projectionist to understand the special process and requirements for assembling and exhibiting this one-of-a kind film experience. Groups will have a new appreciation for the technology as they take their seats to view a film.


Approximate Length of Experience: 1.5 hours


Minimum/Maximum Number of Participants: 12 – 20 (can accommodate multiple groups of 20 at one time)


Availability: Reservation required in advance (does not include full-length feature films).


Cost: $15 per person (includes IMAX film ticket)


Phone: (704) 372-6261, ext. 300  


Email: [email protected] 


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