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Charlotte Itinerary: "The Hunger Games"

Find all things "The Hunger Games" in Charlotte, which starred as the Capitol of Panem in the hit movie.

Fans looking to experience "The Hunger Games" frenzy need look no further than North Carolina.  The film was largely based in and around Charlotte, which starred as the Capitol of Panem. The city was abuzz during filming with cast sightings and cordoned-off filming areas and is sure to become a shrine for fans feasting on all things "The Hunger Games."

Day 1: Survival Tactics

Learn how to brave the Arena elements with a Survival 101 course at the U.S. National Whitewater Center where participants learn different knots and lashings, are taught how to build fires, administer first aid and identify plants that could save (or end…think Nightlock) your life. Spend a meal overlooking the Center’s Competition Channel at the River’s Edge Bar & Grill, where Woody “Haymitch” Harrelson was spotted more than once or twice while filming.  He also frequented the biking trails and climbing wall.

Head to NoDa, a popular destination for Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson and Josh Hutcherson, who unwound at favorites like Cabo Fish Taco and The Evening Muse. Jennifer Lawrence even rented a house in this ‘hood during filming.

Nearby, local favorite Amelie’s French Bakery creates pastries, desserts and fanciful bites fit for Capitol citizens at their 24-hour bakery and café. So perfect in fact, that movie producers chose their confections to feature in several scenes, including Katniss and Peeta’s tense train ride into the Capitol where Haymitch noshes on the tasty treats.

Day 2: Capitol Life

Most fans would never guess that NASCAR could impact the film, but the seats tributes sat in on the journey to the Arena were fashioned by ButlerBuilt Seat Systems in Concord.  The unfinished aluminum frames fit just the right futuristic bill.  Fully finished frames can be found in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Find clothes well-suited for a Capitol citizen at fashionista favorites like Capitol Clothing, named by Isaac Mizrahi as “one of the finest boutiques in America.” Or discover budget-friendly bargains at Concord Mills.

Choose from a Blumenthal Performing Arts show at the Knight Theater in Center City.  The stage here was the setting for the memorable tribute interview scene between Katniss Everdeen and Caesar Flickerman.  Hundreds of outlandishly dressed Capitol extras were brought in to serve as seat fillers.