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Charlotte's Got A Lot: New Ad Campaign Visuals Show Just How Much


Five new ads highlight area’s luxury, group tour, cultural, shopping, and family-friendly offerings

'Charlotte’s got a lot’ has seen steady exposure over the last six months since its initial launch. And five new ads being unveiled this January will breathe even more life into an ad campaign that touts all of the reasons why Charlotte is such a world class destination. The five new visuals add to the original four campaign ads unveiled last July, illustrating even more reasons to explore all the region holds.

The five new visuals are “Discover a lot” for visiting groups and conventions, “Cherish a lot” for families, "Captivate a lot” for culture, “Unwind a lot” for luxury, and “Splurge a lot” for shopping. These ads will accompany the original ads currently being run in a number of media outlets –“Thrill a lot” for adventure, "Savor a lot” for dining, “Flirt a lot” for nightlife, and “Roar a lot” for sports and recreation.

The new ads and supplementary advertorial opportunities will make their debut in publications beginning this month. Major mainstream outlets include, but are not limited to Parents, Budget Travel, O: The Oprah Magazine, various convention/industry publications, and many others. Each of the new ads targeted to wideranging audiences showcase the area’s unbeatable things to see and do, highlighting one-of-a-kind destinations like Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, Ballantyne Resort, Carowinds, and more.

Gina Sheridan, CRVA Senior Director of Marketing and Visual Communications, adds “We’re proud to unveil these new ads that bring to life all that the region has to offer and more. For potential visitors, we hope each one strikes an emotional chord where they see firsthand that Charlotte truly is a destination for family time, group fun, kicking back, retail therapy, or cultural gems. No matter the audience, the region has a lot in store for them.”

The ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ ad campaign comes on the heels of an extensive branding process that began in 2006, where research was gathered from countless regional partners, key stakeholders, meeting planners,visitors, and several other audiences in the 16-county region.

A copy example from the ad reads: Look closely at Charlotte and you’ll discover a lot. A lot of gardens to tour. A lot of museums and galleries to browse. And a lot of world class, group friendly sites to experience along the way. Find a lot more at 704-331-2748 or

About the Brand

The Charlotte’s Got a Lot brand was announced in July following an extensive two-year process of conducting research via Brand Summits, Brand Assessment with meeting planners, key stakeholders, visitors and other audiences. A Brand Promise was developed and after reviewing the destination research with the community a thorough strategy for bringing the brand to life was produced. The challenge in branding Charlotte was to create an idea that can convey how much Charlotte has to offer without creating an idea any city with a lot to offer could have. The answer, it turned out, was hidden in the word Charlotte itself. The “a lot” type treatment not only tells people what Charlotte’s got, but it does so in a way that is uniquely Charlotte. And the idea is much like the city itself: The closer you look, the more pleasantly surprised you are.

About Visit Charlotte

Visit Charlotte, a division of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, has promoted the Charlotte region for over 25 years as a destination for tourists, a host city for meetings and conventions and a site for sporting events. It employs a staff of approximately 40 that includes satellite sales offices in Chicago and Washington, DC. For more information, visit

Charlotte’s Got a Lot New Leisure Print Ads

Download press release that show ads here or for high-res files of each ad, contact Laura Hill at [email protected].

Molly Hedrick, CRVA Communications Department