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Community Leaders Support 2014 Summer X Games Bid

Dear ESPN X Games Bid Selection Committee,

We are thrilled to be among the top cities in contention for the 2014 Summer X Games. While we recognize you have a tough decision in determining the best destination for this action-packed event, we want to express the enthusiastic support that the City of Charlotte and Cabarrus County share in hosting.

The X Games has long been a leader in showcasing athleticism that pushes its competitors to the limits while pioneering new and thrilling sports. This is something that the Charlotte region can strongly identify with as the birthplace of motorsports more than six decades ago. Founded by fearless bootleggers looking to enhance their cars so they could outrun the law, NASCAR now boasts over 75 million fans worldwide. And it undoubtedly reigns supreme in North Carolina with 90% of Sprint Cup teams alone based in the state.

Just as the Charlotte region helped to shape the adrenaline-pumping, speed-seeking sport of NASCAR from its earliest beginnings, it welcomes the opportunity to make history with the X Games, which also clearly is committed to taking action sports to the highest level for its athletes and fan base. Charlotte Motor Speedway would be the ideal location, able to transform an infrastructure built for speed to a venue made for the caliber of intense athleticism associated with the X Games.

We share in the excitement of the region’s residents who are eager to see this opportunity become a reality. Charlotte is a city marked by its commitment to progress with a community that rallies to come together and support this drive, which was most recently witnessed during the success of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. We hold opportunities like the X Games in high esteem and recognize the extraordinary value they bring not only in economic impact but also in elevating a destination’s profile through its prestige.

Thank you for your time and consideration in examining the Charlotte region as a host for the 2014 X Games. We hope the selection process reveals the many one-of-a-kind assets and reasons why the Queen City and surrounding communities would be the best fit. We look forward to hearing your decision soon.


J. Scott Padgett, City of Concord Mayor
Bob Morgan, Charlotte Chamber President & CEO
Ronnie Bryant, Charlotte Regional Partnership President & CEO
Michael Smith, Charlotte Center City Partners President & CEO
Donna Carpenter, Cabarrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau CEO
Tom Murray, Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority CEO

To view the official letter of support, click here.