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Explore More Coral

Learn about the mysteries of the beautiful and exotic coral growing in Discovery Place’s World Alive aquarium and state-of-the-art Explore More Life lab. Visitors will study what goes on behind-the-scenes to propagate coral, see samples from the back-of-house tanks and partake in an interactive Q & A session on the coral program from on-site aquarists. An in-depth exploration into this vital marine life, the visit will also examine how corals and their close relatives eat followed by a coral or anemone feeding. Guided tours of the coral reef tanks showcase how live coral is being cultivated at the Museum to educate visitors for years to come.

Approximate Length of Experience: 1 hour (plus time to explore the Museum)

Minimum/Maximum Number of Participants: 12 – 25

Availability: Reservation required in advance.

Cost: $20 per person (includes Museum admission)

Phone: (704) 372-6261, ext. 300  

Email: [email protected] 

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