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Food and Farming, Past and Present

At the end of the Civil War, Charlotte and the South were forced to reinvent their entire economy and society. Since then, the city’s never slowed down. In fact, one might say that the New South is almost a century and a half old but as new as tomorrow. Food and farming, a constant in southern history and culture, offers a distinct window into this past and sheds light on changes taking place across the region today. Enjoy a special food and farming focused guided tour through Levine Museum of the New South’s award-winning, interactive exhibit “Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers,” then stroll next door to the 7th Street Public Market where participants will experience the diverse regional food culture of the Carolinas. From the produce stand to the “farm-to-fork” pizzeria, guests will learn about sourcing local foods and the purveyors leading the way.

Approximate Length of Experience: 1 hour

Minimum/Maximum Number of Participants: 1 – 30

Availability: Reservation required two weeks in advance.

Cost: $150 for groups up to 15; $8 per person for groups of more than 15; tasting included, will vary.

Phone: (704) 333-1887, ext. 503

Email: [email protected]

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