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New Information Center Highlights Charlotte Tourism


Revamped Visitor Info Center another state of the art amenity for airport visitors

Introduced by both Tim Newman with the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) and Jerry Orr of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, a new visually stimulating and larger visitor information area was unveiled to the media today.

“This new Visitor Info Center will increase the awareness of airport passengers of all that the Charlotte region has to offer whether it is for a layover for an hour or for their visit with friends and family.” said Tim Newman, CEO of the CRVA. “We recognize the importance of a quality first experience and first impression of all that come through the airport, even if travelers coming in actually live in Charlotte. After all, residents are visitors too.”

A collaborative effort between the two organizations, the new Visitor Info Center boasts new 65” plasma monitors that visually entice passersby of Charlotte’s gorgeous views, fun things to do, culturally rich venues, and of course the plethora of dining, entertainment and sports options.

“We continually strive to meet the demands of our customers. This new Visitor Info Center will provide an increased level of customer service to our passengers and employees. ” adds Jerry Orr, director of the Airport.

The Center will provide airport assistance such as helping visitors with flight information, baggage zone areas, paging services, and distributing information and brochures regarding aviation inquiries. Visitors’ assistance will include the promotion of Charlotte and the region’s amenities from hotels, golf courses, restaurants, and much more. The Stranded Traveler service, which assists travelers during inclement weather, will also be accessed via the Center. CRVA employee Diatra Fullwood will continue management of the Visitor Info Center.

Visitor Info Center at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Fact Sheet

Molly Hedrick