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Bright sun and clear skies are common during the summer months. Unlike summers in some Southern cities, very hot weather conditions (higher than 90° F) usually occur only 36 days each year in Charlotte. While summer brings the heaviest rainfalls, March is the wettest month and November the driest. Snow is infrequent, with an average annual accumulation of less than six inches, but Charlotte is just two hours away from countless snow skiing resorts in the North Carolina mountains. For up-to-date weather information, please visit the National Weather Service website at

Winter (Mid-December to Early March)
Highs: Mid 50s
Lows: Low 30s
What to Pack: Mild winters are one of the perks of living in the South but blustery weather finds its way in a handful of times each season. A coat is a must-have, although some days you may be able to get by with a heavy sweater or jacket – just be sure to check the forecast before your trip. For those days that dip to freezing, grab scarves and gloves. And for the ladies, boots and tights are great ways to stay chic, yet toasty.

Spring (Mid-March to Early June)
Highs: High 70s
Lows: Mid 50s
What to Pack:  Umbrellas certainly come in handy in March, but aside from showers, expect rising temperatures and clear, sunny, spring days. Charlotteans flock to the sunshine on these occasions, so be sure to join them by bringing versatile clothing options that can handle the temperature peaks in the unexpected spring season.  Don’t forget a light jacket or a wrap in case you find yourself enjoying alfresco watering holes and it happens to be cooler in the shade.  If you find yourself exploring venues like the U.S. National Whitewater Center, bring comfy, closed-toed kicks so you can raft, climb, bike, and more. 

Summer (Mid-June to Late September)
Highs: High 90s
Lows: Mid 70s
What to Pack:  Bring breathable summer fabrics for the high summer temperatures.  Some of the scorchers in July and August hit and then remain upwards of 90 degrees, so you’ll be thankful for light summer dresses, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and more.  If you’re exploring outdoor attractions like Carowinds, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, or the many parks about town, don’t forget sunscreen.  You’ll catch locals in flip flops and casual wear any time of day, but if you’re ready to paint the town red, bring your sky high heels and most chic styles for the many hotspots across town.

Fall (Early October through Early December)
Highs: Mid 70s
Lows: Mid 50s
What to Pack:  Another coveted time of the year by locals, the autumn months are a much-needed departure from the summer heat. But fortunately, comfortable temperatures stick around throughout the fall, encouraging people to enjoy the days as they grow shorter. Like spring, bring a light jacket in case you find yourself in the cooler shade or out on the town during a brisk evening. Tailgaters will also rejoice. The pleasant seasonable temps ensure that fans get to grill, socialize, and get fired up for the big game.