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North Carolina

North Carolina is a great destination for travel, offering more variety than any other state in the southeast U.S.

If you love the country or love the city, North Carolina is a great choice for your travel plans. With elevation that ranges from sea level to the mountains, North Carolina has the widest range of climates out of all of the Southeastern states. The climate near the coast is warmer, closer to the weather in Georgia and South Carolina. The climate in the mountains is closer to temperatures in New England.

The varying terrain offers great options when it comes to attractions and activities. There are three main geographic areas. The Piedmont region is found in the central part of the state. The Coastal plain is found in the Eastern part of the state and contains many islands. The Appalachian Mountains and foothills are found in the western part of North Carolina.

The Coastal Plain of North Carolina is a rural area with few big towns. The region is great for agricultural purposes. The Coastal Plain also includes many islands like the Outer Banks. The coastal plan offers beaches and a chance to enjoy nature. If you are interested in fishing, boating, canoeing, birdwatching, touring lighthouses or other attractions near the Atlantic Ocean the Coastal Plain of North Carolina is a desirable destination.

Central North Carolina is also known as the Piedmont region. This is the most populated part of the state. Many rivers, streams and waterfalls can be found where the coastal plain and Piedmont region meet. This area consists of anything from country towns to the largest cities including Charlotte. The Piedmont region contains all five of North Carolina’s largest cities. This region offers a little of everything. There are mountains, vineyards, and lakes for those who like a slower pace. Visitors looking for more excitement might choose to travel to Charlotte for all of the attractions that a big city has to offer.

Tourism is alive and well in the western part of North Carolina. Excellent hiking and sightseeing can be found in this section of North Carolina. The highest point east of the Mississippi river, Mount Mitchell, lies here. The Appalachian Mountains attract many visitors to North Carolina every year.

North Carolina travel has something for everyone. The largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte, offers great attractions for those looking for a vacation.