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North Carolina Travel

With diverse terrain and a variety of cities and towns to experience, North Carolina is a natural choice for travel.

North Carolina is an excellent destination for travel. Compared to other states in the southeast, North Carolina travel is unique due to its range of elevation. From sea level to the mountains, the climate varies significantly. This wide variety of terrain offers North Carolina travelers many different landscapes to enjoy. All of these choices make North Carolina tourism what it is today.

With rivers, mountains, lakes, beaches, hiking and biking trails, North Carolina travel satisfies those who enjoy nature. Others looking for exciting nightlife and entertainment will be pleased with the concerts, theatre, nightclubs, and restaurants that can be found in NC. North Carolina travel offers a number of choices for the traveler who likes to relax. Culture can be found in all the corners of North Carolina. This region produces impressive, art, wine, food, and unique festivals promoting the creativity that fulfills the needs of all North Carolina travelers.

Relaxation is always a good choice for North Carolina tourism too. With a number of impressive golf resorts available, North Carolina makes the perfect travel choice for golf enthusiasts. Spas and resorts are abundant in North Carolina too. It is not difficult for North Carolina visitors to find a destination that will pamper them and reduce stress.

Sports lovers will be able to take advantage of all of the professional and amateur teams in North Carolina. No matter what time of year sports is alive and available to North Carolina tourists. NC travel is the right choice no matter what your preference.

For those traveling from outside of North Carolina or those living in North Carolina and looking for a change of scenery Charlotte makes an excellent travel destination. The Queen City is the jewel of North Carolina travel. With so many options to satisfy the needs of any traveler, Charlotte North Carolina Tourism is extremely popular.

Charlotte, North Carolina Travel hits the mark for visitors looking for great nightlife and entertainment. With so many impressive restaurants featuring world renowned chefs Charlotte will satisfy any appetite. Uptown Charlotte's nightlife also boasts a large number of nightclubs. Charlotte’s entertainment does not stop there. Charlotte NC travel is popular with theatre goers too. Broadway productions are featured in Charlotte as well other smaller theatres putting on local productions. Visitors will get their fill of culture as they visit the numerous art galleries and museums in Charlotte too.

It is a must for sports fans to make Charlotte the choice for their North Carolina travel plans. Charlotte has NBA and NFL teams for the basketball and football lovers. NASCAR races and the NASCAR Hall of Fame are found in Charlotte too. Charlotte’s amateur sports teams also appeal to North Carolina travelers.

Charlotte shopping is another draw that makes North Carolina tourism thrive. With multiple malls, designer outlets, and specialty boutiques, Charlotte NC is a stopping place for many North Carolina travelers.

Any time of year Charlotte North Carolina travel makes sense as a vacation or weekend destination. All of the great festivals and specialty events that happen throughout the year draw a crowd of visitors. The events found in Charlotte bring back North Carolina travelers year after year. Charlotte’s visitor guide promotes all of the events and options that make Charlotte tourism impressive.

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