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Scrap Arts Music

04/23/18 7:30pm - 9:30pm
345 North College St. Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: 704-372-1000

Scrap Arts Music [skrap-artz-myoo'zik] – noun. 1. An internationally renowned, athletic next-generation percussion ensemble. 2. An earth-friendly, Vancouver-based company that creates unforgettable performances using mobile instruments artfully crafted from industrial scraps. 3. Five extraordinary, virtuosic and innovative drummers. 4. The group that transforms "scrap" into "art," and "arts" into "music".

SCRAP•ARTS•MUSIC delivers intricate rhythms, raw energy, athletic choreography and the hottest –most inventive– reuse of materials on stage today.

Transcending language, culture and age, Scrap Arts Music offers a highly physical, wildly theatrical and thoroughly entertaining taste of the musical vanguard. Suitable for all ages.    

Information & Amenities
Admission:Admission Details: PRICES BEGIN AT $25.00
Location:Center City (Uptown)
Type:Music & Concerts
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