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Hurricane Florence: What You Need to Know

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall in North Carolina and the southeastern United States. Our thoughts are with those in the path of this storm and we recommend that residents and businesses utilize the information and practices below to help prepare for evacuees and overall emergency response.

The Weather Channel - Sept. 14

Provide Temporary Accommodations and Assistance to First Responders

Because the southeast may have a number of displaced visitors, the Charlotte hospitality industry is preparing for requests from the state’s emergency staff and other storm responders. These requests could include temporary accommodations for displaced visitors, emergency staff and first responders and help feeding first responders. For accommodations, please refer to our list of hotels in the Charlotte region.

Watch For and Report Price Gouging

Charging too much in a time of crises, or price gouging, is strictly prohibited under North Carolina law. During emergencies, this includes those goods and services—bottled water, gasoline, generators, etc.—deemed critical by the governor. If reported, the Attorney General’s Office can stop price gouging or seek refunds for consumers who paid too much. To lodge a price gouging complaint, submit an online report here or call the toll-free number 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

Download the ReadyNC App

The N.C. Department of Public Safety and North Carolina Emergency Management have created the ReadyNC mobile app to help people prepare for the storm. The free app includes real-time traffic updates, weather conditions, river levels, evacuation notices and power outages. Download it to stay up to date on all storm-related advisories.

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Additional Safety Resources

The Weather Channel - Sept. 14

Things to Do in Charlotte

Much of the storm is anticipated to impact Charlotte late Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, evacuees located in Charlotte can use the following resources to experience the region if they are looking for things to do. Signature attractions include the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Billy Graham Library, Discovery Place, the U.S. National Whitewater Center and many more. Given the anticipated heavy rain and potential flooding this weekend, be sure to call for operating hours before arrival.