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Hannah Dills

3 months ago

Is it visually appealing? Yes. Is it tasty? Yes. Is it a good value for the money? Absolutely not. The portion size is small and my ramen contained absolutely no meat. This is likely do to them "running out of everything" according to the person running the register.



a month ago

10/21/2019 I decided to go to Optimist Hall where this place is located. I ordered the chicken and sausage bao bun and two pork belly bao buns and let me tell you these were DELICIOUS!!! I was surprised with how flavorful they were and tasted fresh! Words cant explain it, get over to Bao + Broth at Optimist Hall and try it for yourself! Thank me later!


Ryan Philmon

a month ago

Chef was extremely rude to customers and saying this isnt fast food! We know its not fast food, but waiting for 50 minutes for 2 ramens, one bun, and pigs in a blanket, its entirely too long! Person providing food to the customers said not one word of appreciation or acknowledgment for how long the wait was. Cant help long lines and thats usually a good sign of the quality of the food, which was good. But customer service is a MAJOR determining factor in where to eat, especially for the clientele in that dining hall. Will not recommend.


Roey Haviv

2 months ago

I've been several times and I've tried everything. Great flavor, great staff. Keep it up guys!


David ABC

a month ago

Ordered tonight around 8pm. Took over 16 mins for 3 buns. Went to pick up buns and cashier argued with me and proceeded to tell me I only ordered two. One bun had fallen apart in the little bag they give you. This place is a joke. Dont believe me? Try them! Look forward to reading your review