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Geoff Thomas

in the last week

I don't know what to say. The food was expensive for what you got. I got 2 slices at $5 a piece. The slices weren't anywhere near worth that. My wife got a cauliflower pizza and it was a small personal pan pizza for just under 10. For that price we could've gotten alot more pizza at other joints. The bar was averaged price. I like the margaritas and other cocktails on tap. Staff was friendly. But I went to sushi in uptown and spent the same amount for a bunch of rolls, appetizers, and drinks , and we got pizza and beers.


Emily Sink

a week ago

Friendly staff and a minimalist atmosphere with plenty of tv's to watch sports events. They keep cocktails on tap, too. Their Moscow Mule was pretty good.


Ron Everett

4 months ago

Very cool place. This is the type of place where you can bring your friends and everyone will find something they like about the place. There is a karaoke room, a game room and two bars and and outdoor area. My favorite room is the Jukebox room. The food is tasty the drinks are on point and the staff is great all the way down to the bouncers checking ID at the door.


Jennifer Watson

3 weeks ago

Fun place to go for drinks & hang out in the secret room where there's a record player and shelves of books!


Jessica Lynn

5 months ago

Came to check it out. Was not impressed. The Pizzeria and its smells really kill the vibe. Would be cooler if there were more rooms. Only 1 bar (the 2nd bar doesn't seem to be open) for the whole establishment. Drinks weren't impressive and over priced. The different rooms concept is awesome but, could be expanded. Overall, was expecting something different, but yes, the pizza joint is just odd and kills the bar experience.