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gary parker

2 weeks ago

I drive from the Steel Creek area regularly for the fish and chips. I have always found the food and wait staff to be excellent. However the last trip in the portion size was less than normal. I'll try once again and if that is the new normal it will be my last visit.


reggie morrow

3 months ago

Great place to grab a bite to eat. The atmosphere is nice and the wait staff is always friendly and helpful. Food is delicious. ****Update April 2018**** Place used to be great but now new waitstaff every week and this kitchen is sooooooo SLOW Orders routinely take 30-45 minutes to come out. New managers are not as friendly as the old ones were. Hope they get back to what they used to be.


Angela Padilla

2 weeks ago

Ive come to Brazwell 3-4 times, service was better. Last time I order a cheese cake after our dinner, it was a disaster. The waitress comes with the dessert and tells me she did the best she could with the piece of cake. I knew that was a bad sign. We look at the cheese cake and it looked like someone had tried fixing the piece together, it looked bad. My hisbaunuat stared at it and said no way this isnt fresh and it looks like someone ate off of it. The waitress could of done a better job, she could of played it off and told us they were out of cheesecake or whatever. Not come with someone so poorly done. Dont think Id come here for food anymore.


Kevin Martin

2 months ago

Seems to be hit or miss. I've been there before with my coworkers and received delicious burgers and drinks, but also had experiences where they messed up my order or took 20 minutes to bring someone their drink.


Stephen Olejnicak

a month ago

I've only ever been here for breakfast as we don't do a lot of the bar scene. My wife and I visited here about a year ago because the place we wanted to spontaneously visit was far too full to wait. She ended up really liking their french toast, and has wanted to return a couple times. I've tried a few things and it doesn't pass my breakfast test. The Breakfast Test: Is the money I spent here equal to or less than the time and the hassle of feeding my family at home? No Do they make food better than I can at home (and I'm no chef)? No Is the coffee at least passable? Meh... That said everything is cooked as described. Really, this place seems to be surviving (at least for brunch) on the runoff from the place across the parking lot that generally has 20-30 people waiting for a table all morning long.