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Dayln Shelton

a month ago

Food and drinks were good. 3 star review is due to restaurant being extremely unorganized. When we first got there on a Sunday evening, we waited at the hostess table for a couple minutes before anyone showed up and we decided that we must have to seat ourselves. Since the bottom floor was busy, we went to the rooftop which was not too busy at the time. After getting menus from the bartender, we ordered food no problem but were told the cocktails we ordered from the menu are not served upstairs but rather at the downstairs bar. We decided to switch to a couple of common Charlotte beers that were also on the menu and were AGAIN told that they only serve the beers we ordered downstairs. At this point, we chose to move to the downstairs patio, which had waited tables, but was never approached by a waiter despite sitting at the table, and also having our food delivered to our table. The food was good but there was a lot of unorganization. Why are they providing menus at the upstairs bar with drinks they don't serve? Based on my experience and reading other reviews, why is there a hostess table if they don't even have one? Again, the food and drinks were good but it almost felt like we were bothering people to try and get anything. Hopefully they are working on these issues as they do have promise.



in the last week

Great bar that we visited before the West Virginia game. We are Tennessee fans. Super nice people. Great service.


Liz Vermoesen

2 months ago

Ive been to Graham street three times since it opened. Twice were just for drinks but recently my boyfriend and I got dinner. We sat on the roof. It took some time to get our drinks and then took another 15 minutes to get water. They werent too busy but our waitress seemed to be a little behind. I ordered the nachos and my boyfriend got the tacos. The food servings were decent but the food quality was sub par. The nachos were extremely dry and lacked a decent amount of cheese and salsa. As you can see in the photo they just threw a bunch of raw toppings on top of chips, the flavor was good but it didnt meet my expectations. I asked the waitress for more salsa but never received it during our dinner. Once I was done eating she asked if we ever got it... a little too late. In the end she took the nachos off the bill which was very kind of her. That may be the only reason Im not giving 2 stars. It seemed like the whole night we were waiting for something... water, drinks, salsa, the bill. Graham street is a great place for drinks but I think the kitchen and food have a ways to go before they get a hang of things.


Aubigny Johnson

a month ago

I love this place. GSP&P has a great atmosphere, and great service. I ordered a grilled cheese, and it was too spicy for me and the waiter resolved the issue in no time. Attractive staff along with great food. I definitely recommend! Its also a great place to catch any game bc of the number of TVs.


Air Dedman

3 months ago

I'm not sure why so many reviews rave about the nice location. This club is located far and away from any other bar in uptown. The location is only convenient if you're on your way to the Charlotte Knights or Panthers game. I would also suggest taking an Uber as the parking situation is a mess. Been to this place a few times already it's been really hard to get a drink and order food every time I've gone. Now I normally go post happy hour. I've tried with the weekend. The only time I didn't have any problems getting an order was Saturday during the day. The food is good (when you get it on time) but it's not anything spectacular. Yeah this place gets two stars only because it's conveniently located by the two stadiums. But parking is a mess if you take her car, so don't, and a service can be slow.