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White Tees

2 weeks ago

(Won't return after seeing a bartender assault a patron). I went there after a party at Post apartments for Superbowl 52. I would guesstimate that there were about 20 people in the place which seemed a bit low - given that it is a sports bar- but whatever. Beer prices were a bit pricey but they did have a nice selection of beers. They have a limited but reasonable selection of wines (my pref). I was talking to my bf at a table when I noticed that the bartender (Jamie? (a guy who said he was a regular told me that was his name (apologies in advance if I am wrong)) decided to assault a customer who was wearing non-Patriots attire. It was a bit scary as the guy was away from the bar in a private conversation and not doing anything that would be considered objectionable) (at least from my angle). So - lesson learned- don't get to H&D if you are dumb enough to wear a jersey from a team that is not from New England (still - i have to say - GO PANTHERS!!!).


Robert Matter

a week ago

Good beer off course... hard to mess up a beer. Service a bit slow. But the Bavarian pretzels they offer are just horrible. It is a good neighborhood bar if you're looking to get out have a drink in catch up


Chris Gomperts

7 months ago

Great beer selection. Awesome staff, very friendly! Recently added sandwich selections expand the menu and provide some great options. A great place all around. Nice work by Bart and Staff!!! A must - go in Southend!!! Open until 2am and always fun and hospitable. You won't be disappointed. Come thirsty and hungry!



3 months ago

Plenty of room! I love that they have lots of things to watch and do, including jenga. Service was kind of slow, even when it wasn't busy but I would definitely return.


Brandon Pinkney

4 months ago

Great establishment! Friendly staff. Good food. Fun atmosphere