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Taylor Childress

2 weeks ago

I did not have a great experience at Lucky's last night, but I have been a few times before and things were much better. First of all, It is a great bar idea; with a mix of old school arcade games and video games mixed with decently priced drinks. But it was hard to get over the throw up all over the bathroom (pictured). Then, my girlfriend had her purse stolen when we were playing arcade basketball. "Coincidentally," they didn't have any working cameras in that one corner of the bar or any outside the property. Later, right before the police came to do the report, a young woman who worked there (but was off work) got super drunk and aggressive towards people. This proceeded until their own door guy walked her out of the place. He was actually very helpful and other members of the staff were super cooperative with us even before the police got there. Even with that being said, the way things went down last night there is no way I can ever give this place more than one star. I would give it zero if I could.


Zonta Baker

in the last week

It's was cool over all. I wanna go back on a good night and really check it out. Some games didn't work, the food was shut down for the night and me and my girlfriend have mixed reviews on the drinks. However, we went on a Sunday after 10 so I think another visit is in order for a proper review.


William Crowe

a week ago

Overall a solid barcade. Great selection of games, most aren't terribly overpriced. Unfortunately some games will just eat your coins and not actually work, but the kind people at the front desk will usually compensate you with a couple bonus coins for letting them know. I'd definitely go again. Drinks are reasonably priced, but not cheap.


Cory Lim

a month ago

Well if you like over paying for arcade games that aren't up kept very well this is the place for you. I couldn't jump in street fighter, turtles took my tokens and didn't work, and half the games weren't even put together correctly. It's an overpriced mess. 4 tokens for one play on certain games (that's 4 tokens per dollar.) Yeah it's a waste of time. Charlotte/Concord has way better arcade bars don't waste your time here. FYI: I don't drink and therefore would Glady drop and extra few dollars if the arcade games worked, half of them don't.


Dan Hyde

2 months ago

Went here around 7pm on a Friday night was fairly busy. They have really good prices on drinks and a fairly large selection. The floor has been very sticky and gross the times I've been there. The arcade games are easily the best thing about this place. Sadly a few of my favorites were broken this time. Will be going back soon, hopefully they are fixed!