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Pre. C.

3 weeks ago

Let me start my saying Kaitlyn is the Best waitress!!! She truly cares for her customers! She assisted with making excellent selections that were great! She really cared about our experience!!! I will definitely be back!!


Stephanie Reyes

a week ago

Luv it! one of my new fav spots! Parking runs out kinda quick tho. Amazing fries!


Rebecca Healy

2 months ago

Came here with a friend last night (late Friday) for some drinks. We arrived about 10pm and there was a 20 minute wait so we went to the back bar. The drinks were very tasty, affordable and creative. The bartenders and our server were very friendly and sweet, we were sat with no issues and our food was really good! I like that I can hop on the lightrail after work and come here for a snack and some drinks. It's really a nice change of scenery from the usual bars in Charlotte.


Furwah Hassan

4 months ago

Went on a Friday during the first week they were open and the service was okay, not great. We kept trying to order drinks and our server seemed like she was stoned and kept forgetting what she was supposed to do when she walked up to our table, and then she kept taking the menus with her when we ordered drinks even though we kept telling her we were still thinking about ordering food. Went tonight and it was an awful experience. We put in our name and were told it was an hour wait for a table, no problem, we went to the outside bar to get drinks while we waited. After a while one of the people in our group went up just to ask how much longer it might be because we saw 3 tables open. She said she came out to get us but we "weren't there." Every piece of that was a bold faced LIE because I was watching them pretty much the entire time we were out there and none of them came looking for us, no one called the name we put down, and we were in plain sight for anyone who would come out looking for us. Worst of all, once we FINALLY were seated, we waited 20 minutes for our server to bring us our menus (because we were sat with no menus) and no one ever came. 4 or 5 servers passed us but I guess somehow they all missed the group of 6 people in the MIDDLE of the outside patio trying to flag someone down. We got fed up and decided to leave, and as we were walking out the hostess caught an attitude that we were leaving, so one girl in our group told her that we hadn't even freaking been seen yet and we weren't going to sit there for what could have been at least another hour for our food. I wish I could give a higher rating, this place has great potential because it is comfortable and spacious with great drinks and a great kitchen, but the service is absolute garbage. I understand being new and busy but this was ridiculous. Also I read at least two other reviews that match mine almost to a T.



2 weeks ago

Rosemont is great! The drinks are different and really good and the food is soooo good! The burgers are the best!