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Jordan Seals

in the last week

Oh man what can I say about this place that hasnt already been said. First and foremost, the hanging ivy creates such a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The whiskey cold brew is the perfect 1-2 punch for breakfast. Steak and eggs brunch meal was a little pricey but well worth it. Service at the bar couldve improved, it was difficult to get the attention of our bartender. Overall a great experience and will be back again.


Alana Hennin

3 weeks ago

This place is super cool. Its nice that we are able to bring our precious pup with us and enjoy a tasty beverage. We didnt get food from here but hopefully next time we will!


Cassie Day

a month ago

Totally bummed about the experience we had, especially because we were so excited to try this place. We arrived and went to see the hostess. She asked if we were dinning in and I let her know we wanted to order some appetizers to eat and drinks. We were told the dining room is only for people who are ordering a meal and we cant sit in there but go outside and theres a bar. The bar outside has limited beers, so we came back inside with hopes to find a spot at the bar. It was busy, which isnt their fault, but that did cause us to leave since we couldnt get a drink. Im not really sure why we werent allowed to sit down, but i am pretty bummed.


Travis Welborn

3 months ago

We were told by the hostess that we could only sit inside if we were eating. There were 4 tables open and no wait. They told us we could sit at the bar but there was 3 of us and only 2 chairs open (the reason, so the servers would stay busy) 15 minutes later, the two hostess sat a group of guys at a table inside that were only drinking. You can imagine thats pretty frustrating. Food is good, drinks are good. Service needs some tweaking.


tara muma

4 months ago

Visited The Suffolk Punch for brunch for the first time earlier today and overall, had a wonderful experience. The atmosphere grants 5+ stars. Love all the plants and beautiful booths/ tables etc. I ordered an Americano, which unfortunately was not the best-- seems simple to fix as it was sour so possibly the espresso machine just needs to be calibrated. Or it could be the type of coffee but I'm assuming they use Espresso blend. I would not order an espresso based beverage there again. My friend enjoyed the spiced latte and said that was very good. Our waiter was friendly and food came out in a reasonable time frame with a good presentation. I enjoyed the breakfast burrito-- salsa tasted very fresh and loved that it was the perfect size for a meal (no waste)! The tortilla itself could use a little work but everything else was very delicious. My friend had the veggie hash which was very beautiful and she said tasty. We went at 10:30 am and it was definitely more packed (including parking) by the time we left. So I recommend getting in early or be prepared to wait a bit.