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Tiffany Neff

a month ago

My first time here, first time in NC not to mention. I ordered a Hide the Rum, a cocktail which was $11. I received my drink which clearly wasn't poured to the top, in fact, the 2 others I was with noticed it as well. My boyfriend very politely asked if the bartender could pour a little more since it was mostly ice. She blatantly said "NOPE" and walked away. What a disappointment. Teach your employees some respect and manners.


Cynthia Carr

2 weeks ago

Great beer, good service. The wings are amazing, definitely will be back. Oh and they were very aware and responsive of the protocol for Covid. Thanks


Rachel Harr

2 weeks ago

Place was really beautiful and the staff was really friendly. Their chai latte was also very good, as well as their meal "The Twist", however I do feel like they are slightly overpriced (the meal moreso than the drink). The restaurant was generally clean as well.


Gabe Albuquerque

a week ago

I will likely never return. Sunday brunch with half capacity. Food was 45 minute wait, food came out wrong 3 times between 2 people. Eggs and sausage were under cooked and they closed the kitchen down 2 times to catch up on orders. My wife became ill ( dry heaved) from unrelated drinking issue- we all had 1 drink. we were with our parents that are 50+( we werent drinking to get drunk). She went to the bathroom with no issue and a bouncer comes over and threatens to kick us out. I explained it was not her being a drunken mess, but a stomach issue and that we would take care of it. He threatened us again and I explained to him again my wife was not feeling well and we would take care of it. Its unfortunate that we had such a bad experience because most of the staff seemed friendly enough, but I have no interest in returning.


Josiah Fahey

8 months ago

Very nice brewery inside and out. The design of the building, the layout of the seating, the bar, and decor are very well done. It feels like an elevated brewery experience. One thing I was happy to see was a warmer space on their large patio. During my visit in the winter the patio was covered with a tent and comfortable with heaters. The drink menu has a lot of options from their beer to others beer. They also serve cocktails and kombucha. Great job!