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Regis Murphy

2 months ago

Bayne makes some of my favorite beers ANYWHERE. Some of the best tasting beers I've ever had. The staff and owners are terrific people and make the taproom experience excellent. And it's a very comfortable, totally non-pretentious taproom, too. More like a real neighborhood bar than the amusement park atmosphere at some other breweries. Whether porters, stouts, pale ales, hefeweizens, their famous red ale, or anything else (I love the Jalabayno), Bayne makes exceptional beers and the care they put in to their product, the community, and their customers shows.


Doug Smart

2 months ago

Nice venue. Go here for the ambiance or the patio, or the live music. But not for the beer. All the styles are just way off and blah. If you like craft beer, doubt you'll like this place.


Courtney Ronay

3 months ago

I am not normally a beer drinker...unless we go to Bayne Brew! I love their beer! Its the perfect atmosphere to relax and have a date night!


Cory Meade

7 months ago

The staff at Bayne is always really friendly. The location is small, and I'd say quaint. Bayne is a small brewery and the location/atmosphere reflect that. I wouldn't say that any of the beer on tap is amazing, but all of their beers are drinkable and some are rather tasty. Their double IPA and Japabayno are the standouts.


David Frescatore

8 months ago

Very good beer. Good tap room. Friendly staff. Strange outdoor seating (in the parking lot) but hey, it works.