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Jim Fisher

8 months ago

Still making solid brews despite Covid challenges they experienced. Uptown location small, but comfortable with nice wall graphics friendly service. Would have liked a wider selection and some new brews but understand the small space and overall post COVID operation


Byron Pipkin

a year ago

Two locations - one on the ground level in the Salon Lofts / Savoy apartment building on the side side street S. Alexander). The main place was closed on Wednesday afternoon ( unk. why) and about 50 yards away is the pavilion location which was open. The several sandwich board signs for the place all pointed to the closed taproom and nothing pointing to the pavilion site - so had to guess that it looked like a beer spot. Id strongly suggest they point one of the sandwich board sign is towards the pavilion or at least put a noticeable sign on the door saying go to the pavilion across the street. Its a great spot on a nice day but wouldnt go to the pavilion when its cold out. You will have to pay for parking on the street or in the Savoy lot. The beer was decent but there was a lot of fruit flavored beer on tap which are not my favorite.


Adam Peoples

4 months ago

Beer and atmosphere was great, parking for the business not so much! But if any business in this building wants to remain in business, change parking enforcement company. Even with a paid receipt for my spot I still got my vehicle booted in the parking lot. Friends, families, and those who would like to visit the local stores will stop coming to this location if these issues are not addressed. The parking "agent" would not view the receipts, texts, or emails of the paid proof for the parking spots as a legit request to remove the boot. The police cannot do anything to help, so this predatory parking company will place the boot on your vehicle and smile while you have to pay $160 to have it removed when it was placed their illegally in the first place and since this is a civil matter on private property, the police will just tell you to pay the ticket and fight it in civil court. There is. no justice with situations like this. I would not recommend any place in this building as long as LMS parking enforcement is in charge of their parking lot.


Brian “BK” Koehler

4 months ago

I visited the outdoor pavilion for a quick IPA. I liked the venue, but was lukewarm about the beer. Nice place to sit for a cheeky pint.


Charlotte Meck

3 months ago

9.9/10 d8 9ite destination fast cars and a cozy pavilion are an unexpected wedding crashers hit at D9 getting tipsy and watching the rows of cars swooh past you like you don't exist feels all too natural... Just a few blocks away from the storied NASCAR Hall of Fame .. I recommend doing the self guided tour of the NASCAR hall of Fame then walking to D9 and having whatever is on draft over cars ;)

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