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Adam Strange

a month ago

Great small craft distillery. They make vodka, gin, rye, and bourbon. My wife and I enjoyed the gin and rye the most and both will be staples at our home bar. Each tasting includes a quick tour of their facility. They also offer an owner tour which is longer and more detailed. I only did the tour with the tasting. Really excited that we have a good quality local distillery in Charlotte that makes classic spirits.


Jacqueline Telljohann-Smothers

3 months ago

We went on a Groupon spree for all of the local distilleries and this happened to be one of them. It's a small location in LoSo, just around the corner from OMB. They have a cute little merchandise area when you walked in and a well decorated bar beyond that. It's not open to the general public outside of tours because of laws that govern distilleries. The tour was interesting and informative. It lasted about an hour before we went back to the bar and sampled their products vodka, gin, rye, and bourbon. The gin was definitely my favorite. It had hints of citrus that was really good. I also really liked the bourbon. It was smooth and I'm not a whiskey drinker. The tour includes a shot glass and you can purchase up to five bottles of alcohol after the tour/tasting thanks to the new brunch bill that recently passed. I thought this tour was well worth it! Come out and support a local distillery!


Rachel Allen

6 months ago

Lots of fun and very informational. Purchase a souvenir bottle of gin,vodka,bourbon or Rye. They also have cute merchandise: hats, t-shirts (crew and V neck) tanks also. Bitters and adorable copper mule cups or highball glasses. Several craft distilling books available as well. Support a great local business and book your tour Now.


James Moore

6 months ago

Incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate staff. The tour is thorough without being boring and the spirits are wonderful. I'll definitely visit again if I'm ever in town.


Mike Moulder

5 months ago

Had a great time with the distillery tour. The liquor is great, the rye whiskey was my personal favorite.

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