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Scott LePage

2 weeks ago

Nice place. Lots of outside seating. We had breakfast and it was fine. Nothing extraordinary but good. My brother did mention to me that his blueberry pancakes were undercooked but were very tasty.


Kaying L

a year ago

Good food at reasonable prices. I always get a quiche as it's hard to find a moist and fluffy texture for a quiche like they have here. Whoever is in charge of the fruit salad does a great job as the fruits are always on the sweeter side and never tart/unripe. The free coffee cake bites are a plus!


sandy hoffman

a week ago

We have eaten and enjoyed several meals at Cafe 100. However, on Friday, Oct 2nd we were seated outside at our request and came in contact with at least 5 employees who came to our table for various interactions (greeting & seating us, reading the specials, bringing our drinks and meals, checking on us as we ate, bringing and taking the bill, etc) and only one young man wore a mask while interacting with us, and there was no attempt at social distancing. My husband went into the restaurant to use the restroom and found no masking or social distancing inside either. If the employees are willing to disregard the masking and social distancing requirements of the state and county, what other rules are they willing to decide not to observe- safe food handling and preparations, hand washing, coming to work when ill, etc? We are not going to return to see if they have improved. I'm only sorry I did not speak up at the time~ their lack of compliance may have caused me ill health, something I'm not willing to risk again.


Tarah Korbely

3 weeks ago

No social distancing, staff not wearing masks, did not know where to check in so wandered.. People jumped in line.. Left due to the chaos and lack of Covid protection.


Beverly Ross

3 weeks ago

We were treated terribly. We were seated next to the bathroom where it was so cold you needed a coat. Then our server came to the table with no mask, brought our food with no mask, then we were so cold we asked of we could carry our plates to another room hoping out would warmer. After moving our server NEVER checked on us for coffee. Her literally walked in the room, looked at us and walked away. When I talked to the manager about this he said HE couldn't wear a mask due to an up coming surgery. I said why don't your servers wear masks and once again he said all the servers have medical conditions that prohibit wearing a mask.. GET NEW SERVERS!! When I told him we weren't even asked if ee needed more coffee here said that we stated we wanted a server with a mask and our server didn't wear one so he didn't come to our table. This makes no sense!!! I took a friend there and it was her first time.. She literally ran out of the building. I was embarrassed that I even took her there Don't go!! This place has turned into a nightmare!!