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Errol Eaton

5 months ago

This place has so much class and charm... True NY home heartfelt love goes into the cooking... I grew up in NY and this place is.. The Real Deal... It was so friendly and welcoming we had 7 people and the service was off the charts... It can give you all the room you need or the intimate setting you are looking for.. I am hooked and we will be returning to see them more now... The music was sweet and really a classy touch... Found a new Favorite total win on all points for us... Happy Valentine's Day


Christina H

a month ago

This used to be a good restaurant. Now it is very overpriced and the food is terrible. If the penne are soggy and your marinara in sweet then you need a new chef. I won't be going back.


Nick Macri

2 weeks ago

Family owned and an authentic atmosphere. Best Italian food this side of town



2 months ago

I love Veal Sorrentino but it's so hard to find since I've moved South. My favorite Veal Sorrentino is from Cioffi's in NJ. Anyway, I found Ciro's through a Google search for the dish. Theirs comes in a red sauce. I prefer the white wine sauce so I was a little disappointed. However, their version is very good and it did satisfy my taste for the dish. The veal was tender (which is very important) and the sauce wasn't too heavy. The pasta that came with it was delicious! I now make this dish myself but I will definitely try Ciro's again.


Peter Morris

3 months ago

Me and my friends talk about going to eat here all year long when we talk about our annual trip to Charlotte from pittsburgh for the Car show. We are pittsburgh Italians and we love the authentic food! So good! Love the squeeze box too! Excellent!!!!! See you next year!