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Chad Jenkins

a week ago

Wow! What an awesome restaurant! Classy , unique, and very impressive! So hard to even pick a favorite dish or drink ! Everything was so good. We visited with 4 other friends and ordered numerous appetizers and drinks and of course all shared trying to determine whos was the best and all came to the same conclusion . The conclusion was everything was an A plus!!!! This is a must try if you are local or traveling !


kimberly glover

4 months ago

Ordered the fillet and potatoes and they were amazing. Even more amazing than the food was the waitress Shabria. Even the chef and manager came out to make sure everything was great for us. On top of all that, the supervisor from the rooftop bar City Lights came down to personally escort us to a complimentary section! Unforgettable experience. They made a regular couple feel like we had celebrity status! We'll be back!


Marion B

in the last week

Really wanted to give a 5 star because the first time I went, it was amazing, but unfortunately they've changed the menus and have seemed to have downsized a lot. It's just ok now


Tracy Blakely

10 months ago

First and foremost I'm not a connoisseur of fine dining although it was raining in Charlotte so I had to dine in the hotel. The first impression is a clean yet organized restaurant. The menu was basic yet confusing at the same time. So I ordered the chicken at $24 with nothing added to it. My waiter took my order although didn't appear to know the contents of the menu, which I could of memorized in all of 3 minutes. So my chicken arrived and at $24 I was expecting something better in size than I'd get at a Kenny Roger's Roasters. Nope. Okay if you read this from the beginning remember I'm not a frequent diner of fine food so maybe this is the standard but if I had my kids with me I'd be in trouble. To wrap up, the chicken was tender and flavorful, yet I'd be able to order the same thing at Boston Market for 75% less than I was charged here. What you pay for is ambiance, wish that it wasn't raining today.


john gamble

6 months ago

One of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. DO NOT EAT HERE. Went for restaurant week left after second course. The appetizer were all lackluster but the tuna dish was huge chunks of unseasoned fish of bad quality. The mushroom crostini was so salty it was hard to eat. then we received possibly the worst pasta our family has ever had in our life. The pappardelle was stuck together and raw with not flavor and the Campanelle was so doughy you couldn't even chew it, it was supposed to be accompanied by lobster and chanterelle mushrooms. There was one bite of lobster and no mushrooms. This Place is a JOKE.