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Ben W

2 months ago

Came here while staying at the Holiday Inn around the corner. We ordered and devoured the Fitzgerald's Platter. It was a great choice for a group to enjoy. I ordered the Shepherds Pie. For anyone looking for authentic, this isn't it. It's a beef stew with mashed potatoes and cheese on top. It was very tasty and I'd absolutely get it again, but don't expect a true Irish Shepherds Pie. Service was great, we got our food fast, and the TVs at each booth were a nice touch.


Laurel N

3 months ago

I went here with my mom and sister for an early dinner. Its in a great location. This place was perfect for a quick bite and drink. There were good vegetarian options. Our server was amazing! Great place for basic bar food.


G Payton

a month ago

Ordered the shepherds pie, it tasted like canned gravy and fake potatoes. The servers were very attentive, however there were several mistakes; including the bar tender coming out to tell us one of our items was "out" right before the rest of our meals arrived. So, one in our party had to wait an additional 5 or 10 minutes after everyone else got their food. Had they looked at the ticket when it first went to the kitchen, we all might have eaten together.


robenia smalls

in the last week

I spent my entire lunch hour waiting for my food to be cooked the way I ordered it....My burger was dry, I sent it back and it came back the same way. I ordered the hot crab dip after being told it was a good amount for the price I was paying but it was less than half of a "to-go" soup cup. No manager came out to speak with us regarding our issue and the waitress was not very apologetic.


Leon Turner

2 weeks ago

Was happy to hear of there origin in Pennsylvania.I was there every Penn. State game in 60's. Really liked Fitzgerald's,and will be back! M y hing Penny. State game is a late 60's!!! I lived in Jer y, she lived interested Konchohokin,Penn. Will be back to Fitzgerald's again