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Pull up a seat and sit at the counter of this ramen-focused restaurant. Utilizing fresh ingredients, Futo Buta serves patrons a taste of authentic Japanese dishes such as ramen, gyoza, and Japanese fried chicken. Dine outside on the patio or grab your food to-go. Not currently open for dine in.

Cuisine Type: Japanese

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Emmanuel H.

8 months ago

The atmosphere of the restaurant was warm and inviting! Seating is pretty limited. Food was prepared and served quickly though I'd like to note that they do add a service charge on your bill for dining in ($8 and some change in my case). I got two sake drinks and two ramen bowls with my friend which ended up coming to $69 with a reasonable tip.



10 months ago

Great location, right off the train station. Staff is fabulous. Good food. The restaurant itself is a bit on the smaller/crammed side. I personally enjoy that for a ramen shop, but I know it's not to everyone's likings. Ramen is tasty and flavorful with great ingredients.


Raymond Curcio

3 months ago

Rather inconsistent food but great service. My previous meals tasted awesome, but my most recent visit tasted like nothing more than salt and water with mostly pork fat. Left me rather dissatisfied and disappointed. Couldn't even bring myself to finish my last meal. Fried chicken was good though.


Karla Fischbach

a month ago

Pretty good, pretty good but I think Donburi Dojo in Maryland has spoiled me for ramen forever (the best bowl on the planet). Nevertheless, it was decent. Ambience: small indoor seating with a cute patio that filled up quickly. A lot of communal seating and it was loud in there. I really liked the music they were playing but it was hard to have a conversation in the middle of the day. Food: we all ordered Tonkotsu ramen with ono chili sauce added on. I feel like the prices were a high, especially for ono chili sauce added for $2. Wouldve thought itd be like 50 cents or maybe $1 but $2? Yikes. This drove our bowls to about $16/$17 a piece which I guess is average? The ramen was pretty good but, as others have mentioned, I didnt find the broth to be too rich or flavorful. Even with the ono chili, we had to add A LOT of chili oil and dry seasoning to flavor it up/add it to a spice level we liked. Once it got there, it was good but I think I prefer the taste of the red ramen from Jinya. We also ordered a beets and green salad app that was good but nothing out of this world. Service: our waiter was friendly but took a while to check on us. I wouldve asked the people who dropped off our ramen for the chili oil and dry spices but they left before I could ask and didnt ask if we needed anything so we eventually took those from a newly empty table. Pretty decent for an American ramen place. My friend told me it was average and compared it to ramen that he had in Japan but thats not fair - its Charlotte; not Japan haha. Go in there with a realistic expectation and youre likely to enjoy it here.



5 months ago

I finally came here for my birthday and omg, it was worth every penny. Started off with the pork buns and that pork was so tender and full of flavor, I don't know how I've lived without it until now. Then the Karaage and again... How they made something so simple into a work of perfection with ever bite, I don't know. But simplicity is a work of love here. I had the tonkatsu ramen and my dining partner had the miso. Broth was beautiful, the noodles had the best texture. The sides in both were delicious. I hate that I waited so long to come here but I'm glad I finally came! The staff are lovely, the atmosphere is so nice, and the bathroom doors made me cackle. Definitely coming back. Thank you for the meal!

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