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Crystal E.

a month ago

Had a disappointing experience this evening. Soft drink was watery and had to be returned. Second drink brought out was in a dirty glass. One of the entrees was prepared improperly and was delayed, yet the other entree at the table was brought out (unable to eat together). Lastly, after being asked by the passing floor manager (Polly), how things were, we decided to mention all the issues we had had. Unfortunately, Polly was quite dismissive and came off as though she could care less. To top it off, she did not even offer to comp our drink (non alcoholic). On a positive note, our waiter (Connor) did a great job and brought the general manager into the situation to assure things were addressed more professionally. In the end one meal was comped. We were satisfied with them comping a meal, but still left disappointment with the whole experience.


Richard Hamorsky

3 months ago

Just had Thanksgiving dinner here. To say I was skeptical was an understatement. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The turkey was moist, dressing was just like homemade etc. It was very good and the service was very good as well. This was my first time here and I think I will try them again.


Steve Longley

a month ago

The grilled smoked wings are delicious! The pizza's not bad either. They have a massive brick oven thing where they cook the pizza. Trust me when I say this. We know a thing or two about pizza and wings... we're from Buffalo!


Carley Daniels

2 months ago

Came with my best friend for lunch today and as soon as we were seated our waitress seemed like she had a chip on her shoulders. We ordered drinks, then food. I ordered a French Dip- no onion, no peppers, no mayo. Food came out and my French Dip had onions and peppers melted together with cheese so I sent it back to the kitchen. I had taken the toothpick out that held the two halves together. Not even 2 minutes passed and they brought me a French Dip that had no mayo, no onion, no pepper and no cheese. The bread still had the holes where the toothpick was that held it together. I sent it back because I wanted cheese and a new sandwich that didnt have onion or peppers touching it. I asked for a manager. She assured me that it was a new sandwich and they were going to comp it and bring me a new one. The new one came out for the 3rd time IT WAS THE SAME SANDWICH WITH THE SAME HOLE FROM THE TOOTHPICK I TOOK OUT OF IT THE FIRST TIME IT WAS BROUGHT TO THE TABLE WOTH ONION AND PEPPERS! Mind you- there was never another toothpick put on the sandwich to even make it look like a new sandwich the second or third time. So not only do they lie about their food, they dont care if they get caught doing it. So finally the checks come out. They compd my sandwich and still made me run my card for a $2 soda Clearly if this is the way you treat your customers, you really needed that $2 sale. Never again


Daniel White

a month ago

Best chicken fingers I've ever had, hands down. Had some pizza too, that was really good too... Prosciutto and spinach, so good!!!