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mariam amjad

a week ago

Went into the market for some brunch during our visit to Charlotte. Had seen some decent reviews for this place so decided to give it a chance. We ordered three crepes, the Santorini, the Samosa and Banana Berry one. It took over 45 minutes to get our food. When we inquired with the team to confirm if our food was still in queue, we got the most disgusting response from one of the team members. I understand they might have been busy but their response was completely inappropriate. Not only her words but they way she clapped her hands to enforce her authority when giving her response was astounding. At the end we finally got the food and it was very mediocre. Nothing impressive, and I will not be revisiting. The staff is poorly trained in customer service. They also had many wrong ordered produced that they had to redo, which is probably due to the lack of care the team showed. I noticed them opening and peeking at a lot of crepes to try to recall what was what. They definitely need to utilize a more productive way of doing things.



2 weeks ago

Visiting NC from out of state, we read good reviews for this place and decided to drive the 45 min to try it out. Before leaving we called and were told that Closing time is 8pm but they stop taking orders at 7:45. Fair enough, we left with plenty of wiggle room even with the tricky parking situation in the downtown location. So we get in at 7:15pm and looking over the menu, the lady server rudely tells us that they are almost done taking orders and we better order RIGHT NOW. As in a minute to look over the menu is too long. And also they are out of chicken which is 90% of the order items. We rushed and ordered and it was so-so tastewise, after the effort getting there we were pissed at the rudeness of the server. Not surprisingly after we ordered, several other orders were placed by what looked like buddies of the said server. What a shame. Be sure to get there 2-3 hrs. before closing time if you want your crepe, with more than 1 ingredient and not get attitude for being a customer. The last bit is probably unlikely if this particular server hangs out. Customer service 101 Fail!


Martha Bottia Noguera

3 weeks ago

I have been coming hear for years. Unfortunatelly the new staff seems angry all time and the just nutella crepe is a disgrace. They'll put so little nutella that my children always make me BUY an extra addition. I asked the lady if she could pour some extra because it had too little and she said the owners policy was just a drizzle. I am sure this is a new policy but it is terrible to change your good product and service along the way when clients are already hooked. Don't think I'll be coming back. Lately, they are having bad service and bad product.


JT Speller

2 months ago

Came into this place for a nice savory crepe and was very disappointing with the taste. The service was horrible and crepe was just thrown together. When I got home I threw up the entire crepe. I will not be coming back to this place.


Jenn Glidden

4 months ago

Met a friend for here as a Charlotte brunch location and so glad we made it to this location! I had the Santorini crepe and it was delicious. The portions are generous and the service was quick. The environment is out of the main traffic of Uptown but still near the action, plus the 7th St market offers all sorts of options so even if the rest of your party doesn't want crepes, they'll find something so you can get one. Definitely worth checking out and then visiting the 1st Ward park afterwards if you have time for some more exploring.