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Northwest Charlotte

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Waris Wade

a month ago

This is hands down one of the best restaurants in Charlotte. The service was great! The menu was creative. The owner was very nice. And best of all the food! I will definitely highly recommend this place to anyone. It is pricey but I think it is worth every penny. It's definitely a place you want to go for a nice night out or a special occasion. I have a shellfish and tree nut allergy, and they were totally accommodating, which not common practice among most restaurants. I will definitely be back for another visit and from the pictures the menu is always changing so, I can't wait to see the new selections!


michael mcallister

3 months ago

Fantastic. Hostess was personable and welcoming. Bartender was engaging and made us laugh. Our server set us up for a great experience. I did the 6 Course Meal...everything was something I would not have ordered on my own and each was perfect. I love how I had no idea what was next. Wife had the Shrimp and Grits...loved it. Highly recommend. Worth the drive.


Martin Barnett

a week ago

Great addition to the Charlotte culinary scene. Spectacular cocktails, very interesting menu and Excellent Service with top quality ingredients. We had some raw oysters and they were very fresh and well presented. Restaurant was wonderfully appointed and the reviews on the restroom walls were very entertaining. I had the ribeye and the temperature was perfect at medium rare, but Id rate the flavor a notch below most premium steakhouses in Charlotte, but to be fair theyre not a steakhouse. My wife got the burger board and it was tasty, but slightly overcooked. Its worth mentioning that the when I say Spectacular cocktails, thats not an embellishment. World class barkeeping here, very innovative and unique. Its worth a trip to visit the bar alone! Root Beer cookies to-go were really good as well. All in all, great experience, but cant quite give it 5 stars.


Travis Redd

a month ago

Great drinks and great Farm to Table food. The honey is on the roof. So fresh honey from the hives on the roof. Also the owners cook your food! This restaurant is a hidden gem! Needs to be on Diners Drive Ins and Dives.


Julie Watson

4 months ago

My hubby is a chef and so we always search for those high quality restaurants, and this is top of the charts! We loved everything! I had the pork Milanese, he had the ribeye, chicken chips/fried pickles for an app(this melts in your mouth its so good) and house made whole grain biscuits with salted butter. Entrees came with sweet potato gnocchi, garlic mash, Brussels sprouts... All so delicious!! Oh and big portions, we even had leftover meat to take home! Love, love, love!