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breon berry

5 months ago

I visited this place while in Charlotte for the first time and the service was okay although when we received our fries and onion rings they were cold.The manager replaced them with a smile along with a promotional coin for the next visit. I'm a Chef so the level of service and the taste of food is important to me and I was expecting to be wowed due to the location, friendliness and cleanliness of the establishment but the food was average. I'm a Chef so to others this place may rank as a 5 so don't take my word experience it for yourself because my expectation of food is higher due to me being a Chef.


J. Jackson

6 months ago

Showed up for the grand opening, they were giving away free signatures hot dogs! I got the Uptown Downtown, and it was great. Bacon and chili is always good in my book. The prices are reasonable and the place is fun and inviting. Good luck to them with the new location!


Charles C

5 months ago

The dogs are good, but at over $5 each after tax and tip, it's not something I'll eat too often more or less just as a change of pace. That being said it's not too expensive for uptown, and while the chili man's dogs are better and a dollar or two cheaper, he's all the way over on the other side of uptown and usually has a 30 minute wait. So if you don't want to walk and don't mind spending $5 for a dog give 'em a try.


Paul Rivers

2 weeks ago

1) Went and had their food. The food was way overpriced. It also got me sick. 2) I have worked in the building they are in since April. About 70% of the days I get notices for reviews. They are wasting their advertising dollars.



3 weeks ago

I was surprised to find that JJs is the best hot dog I've ever had. Now I go every week and will have to get a bigger belt.