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TuxedoKat Mobile Imaginarium

10 months ago

Expert Reviewer here: this place brings the atmosphere from even before you step your pretty little toe inside the restaurant. Amazing drinks. Amazing food. Amazing decor. And yall Charlotte folk dont have anything as amazing as Kelly Minton making drinks. So enjoy. Great for solo drinking, schmoozing bosses, showing off to coworkers, first dates, stylish break ups, sassy girls night, sophisticated mans night, genderless occasions... and depending on the person: birthday parties. Limited seating? So... make a reservation, darling! It tastes better when youve earned it. Come to have fun and enjoy the experience... or go to Peculiar Rabbit.


DK Lines

4 months ago

I've given this place a try twice, both times not impressed. I first went about a year ago when they opened, they did not have the reservations system figured out at all. Said the wait for 20 minutes, it was actually two hours. The hostess seemed annoyed the whole time. Food was pretty good, but overpriced. Drinks were severely overpriced. They were unique, sure but no way were they worth $18. Second time was a bit better as far as seating went, but I came on a Wednesday, so can't speak regarding if anything has changed on the weekends. Tried something different for food and for drinks, left with exactly the same impression, mediocre and overpriced.


Joseph Floyd

2 weeks ago

Great place to relax, people watch, eat good food or all the above.



10 months ago

Place was great! Food amazing! Drinks are phenomenal! Thank you guys for adding a place like Kiki to the Charlotte scene!


Katrina G

8 months ago

Mediocre restaurant with overpriced, nicely plated small plates that cost way too much to feel full. Service was decent. Food options like frog legs and escargot are not commonly found on menus around Charlotte so they are unique in that, however for the price, I was expecting more than nice plating from the food. We had the cheese small plate, escargot, frog legs, cod fritters, and ratatouille. Booth seating was almost uncomfortable. Had been excited to check this place out but definitely prefer Soul to KiKi, probably won't be back any time soon. I would however go back to Tattoo, seating is very limited so put your name on the list early.