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B Smith

9 months ago

How do more people not know about this place? The service was impeccable. Angelina was so knowledgeable about the menu and made the most fantastic recommendations. I had the duck, which I usually veer away from because I feel like every time I have it, it's a disappointment. This. Was. FANTASTIC. So incredibly flavorful and juicy. Great experience. Came back 2x in one weekend because it was so wonderful.


Mitch Neugebauer

7 months ago

I wanted to like it more. After reading all of the fantastic reviews, I might have set myself up for disappointment. I'll start by saying that our server, Franklin, was fantastic. Very friendly and prompt, reading the table and slowing down service in a purposeful way (date night with conversation). I rate him five stars. But I was disappointed in the food, with one exception. We'd originally ordered the calamari small plate to start, but they were out so we went for the mac and cheese gnocchi. It was ridiculously good, and I probably could have just filled up on that. For the main entree I had the duck, which I was excited for because I'd never had duck. It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't anything to write home about. They serve it on potato hash, which I enjoyed; but the whole dish was pretty salty and I couldn't stop myself from drawing comparisons to one of those sad turkey frozen dinners. Maybe I just don't have the pallet for fine food, but I feel like that shouldn't even get close to being a comparison. My date had the ribeye, and again- it was good, but not great. The saltiness was there too. All of this was also skewed by the fact that, while Libations puts on a fancy front, it's still a bar. A noisy bar, at that. It's hard to enjoy conversation when there's a drunk woman screaming "FIREBALL!" ten feet to your right.


Victor Navarro

6 months ago

Incredible menu. Very unique cuisines, the chef does an amazing job pairing protein with complimenting sides. Service was on point, staff was very attentive and made sure that between the entire staff they never missed a beat, making sure the visit was an experience not to be forgotten.


Linda Wolf

11 months ago

The service was top notch. One chef came by with free chips he just wanted to give us. The staff was super friendly. The menu items were unique.


jason edick

9 months ago

Best food I've had in a long time! I had the elk and my fiance had the duck. Both were unbelievably good. Cannot say more about this place. Hidden gem in a hotel.