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Alyssa, waywardblog

10 months ago

So happy to have spots like Lincolns amidst the chains in South End! I love coming here for coffee or beer and poking around. My partner and I often split the croque monsieur - it's hearty and delicious! Don't sleep on the naughty gingerbread during the holidays (or maybe do - whatever is your thing).


Clint Boland

4 months ago

Visited here for the first time with a colleague. He comes here often for lunch and suggested this as a healthier option with fresh ingredients and a cool vibe. It didnt disappoint I got The 13th. One of the freshest tasting sandwiches I have ordered in Charlotte. Delicious meat and cheese with fresh vibrant veggies. The service was good and didnt wait long for our order. Also reasonably priced which is always a winner, right?! I look forward to coming here again. I hope you enjoy it as I did.


Killian Davis

3 weeks ago

excellent service, knowledgeable, well trained baristas, and incredible food at reasonable prices, with adequate indoor seating!! i came here with a friend for my birthday breakfast and i ordered the sticky biscuit (?) and my friend ordered the avo toast. both were incredible. the biscuit is obviously made in house and has amazing flavor. the avo toast was delightful, although we agreed that a little more acid (maybe swap the red onions for pickled onions!) would really take this from a wonderful dish to an out-of-this-world one. i had a drip coffee that was truly delightful and my friends latte was superb. we wanted to try a dessert but didnt have room after our breakfast! will definitely be back.


Lee Walters

2 months ago

Great place to stop and get some breakfast and a coffee. I got the egg white omelet with turkey bacon and advocado. Was absolutely delicious! Service was great and the wonderful lady at the counter ( sorry, I forgot your name :( ) gave us advice on some great local spots and actually took time to write us up a list.


Laura Skillington

3 months ago

It's really sad for me to make this edit to what used to be a five star review. I have been a regular at Lincoln's since 2018, the food is excellent, the wine selection even better and the vibes are cozy and fun. It really has some of the best coffee drinks and most fun pastries and baked goods. Before covid the staff was always relaxed, attentive and conversational and since the pandemic there is now a completely new staff and service has rapidly declined. I have given it over a year in the hopes that things would change and that new hires would acclimate but service has gotten steadily worse and worse. The guy with the long hair and beard is at best indifferent and usually acts as though he couldn't care less about customers being there. He explained to me without any apology that they already closed coffee service ahead of schedule because they "felt like it." You can no longer get a sandwich on a real plate or wines by the glass and substitutions are made on sandwiches without the staff telling you. On my second to last visit a girl with fair skin and dark hair informed me without apology that there are no salads because "the chef doesn't feel like making them." The menu regularly has multiple salads and/or soups listed even though they literally just don't serve them. Today I visited for what I expect to be the last time. I brought a friend for lunch for her birthday and very politely inquired if the sandwich called the 13th was still made with basil. The last time I ordered it was during winter and it arrived with arugula instead of basil and I was informed after the fact that this was a seasonal substion. The woman ringing us up said she would ask the kitchen to confirm and then said yes it would be made with basil, as the menu listed. When she brought the sandwiches they were made with arugula so I very calmly and politely returned to the counter and asked if it would be possible to get them with basil as we discussed. She literally huffed "OH MY GOSH" under her breath and stormed away. When she returned the new correctly made sandwiches to our table she quite literally slammed them down without a word. We also bought a bottle of wine to share during the meal and this same woman did not know how to use a corkscrew bottle opener. We stayed after our meal to continue chatting and this woman as well as another staff member began sweeping, mopping and stacking chairs on top of tables at 1:30 pm. The second woman even brought a plant in from outside and asked us to scoot over to make room for it in the middle of our conversation. We also saw this woman take chilled wines out of the fridge and put them back on the shelves in the sun which can damage the wine, many of which cost a pretty penny. I was really embarrassed that I brought my friend here for her birthday and I'm heartbroken that such a neighborhood gem has gone downhill like this. I really consider writing a bad review of a small business to be a last resort but we have had more than ten visits in the last year with sloppy, careless, lazy and even downright rude service. I'm positing a photo of the employee who was so disrespectful in the hope that she might be retrained and Lincoln's returned to what it once was.

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