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Ken C

2 weeks ago

Love the old fashioned grilled burger they serve. This place has been here forever and it's always been delicious. My favorite is the single burger all the way. Make sure you save room for ice cream. Soft serve cones and banana splits are the bomb. Stop in and see why Mr. K's is still a Charlotte original.


Daniela Brown

a week ago

Firstly, the parking lot is a mess. People don't know where to park, because the lines aren't clear. Second, Your employees need to know how to explain the menu. If I ask for a dark chocolate milkshake, don't keep asking me what kind of milkshake. Explain that the milkshake BASE can only be chocolate, vanilla, or swirl and you add in flavors to that. Don't just keep repeating "what kind of milkshake?", because in my mind, I already told you. The milkshakes I got were runny and barely tasted like the flavors I requested. Next time, I'll drive to CookOut for milkshakes, even if it's farther away.


Matthew M

in the last week

There is a lot of hype with this place but I just don't see it. The prices on the online menu don't match the in store prices. The venue was a solid C: small parking lot, outdated interior, etc. I got a chocolate milkshake and there was a hair in it. It was basically just soft serve ice cream with some milk. Almost identical to a frosty from Wendy's which is much cheaper. There's so much history and tradition here but the food is just so meh and so is the location. It's the C of restaurants, it passes and the prices are good but why would I ever go back? Sorry y'all. The food scene is just so competitive now and a 50s style cheapy diner doesn't cut it.


Eric Cope

4 weeks ago

It was good if you're right there at it. Drinks are way over priced , so take your own. A better burger can be found by a quick Google search if you have time. I didn't try the ice cream but it Hershey ice cream.


Melissa Denice

a week ago

Hello mr. K's I've been going here since I was a kid. Great place for a quick bite and a milkshake. It's a Southside Charlotte landmark us natives love.