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Tal Kelsey

3 weeks ago

Mr. K's is a hole-in-the-wall diner with average burgers and tasty milkshakes. Do not pay attention to their listed hours of operation. The 2nd-generation of the family owners have lost sight of how to run a business. They will not hesitate to close the restaurant down early whenever they feel like it. As I was walking up with my grandparents at 7:30, they locked the door and walked out to their car. They allegedly close at 9pm and I nicely and reasonably asked them why they were closing early. The young lady gave me a short, rude and combative response - stating the obvious about how they can do whatever they want because they own the place. It was a childish and extremely unprofessional response. Take your business elsewhere - they do not want or appreciate it. They will respond to this blaming it on Google, as they have for past reviews. Their front doors show the same hours. They will not hesitate to turn eager customers away (for life).


Sporadic Travels

a year ago

My family of four enjoyed our meal this evening, which included a veggie burger, chicken tenders and bacon cheese fries. The bacon was real not bacon bits, so that was a big hit.. The cheese wasn't as much of a hit. Veggie burger was delicious and the chicken tenders were hot and crispy. Milkshakes and mango Italian ice were hits. Sweet tea was good, but more subtly sweet than normal southern sweet tea. Staff was really nice and funny. Prices are affordable. Only issue was a price glitch that I didn't catch before I signed for it, which was a $2 and change overcharge for 2 of the same item. For the hassle of it, I just told them to keep it as a tip. I enjoy supporting local and family businesses, so we'll definitely be back!


Logan Mayfield

3 months ago

Came for a milkshake. It was pretty good but nothing spectacular. It wad very thin and you could taste the milk more than anything else in it. Nonetheless, still a cool place and plenty of other options. Would recommend to anyone looking for a hole in the wall diner to eat at


Mirai Y

a year ago

Love their burgers! So fresh & so delicious. Mr Ks has been around for years and never fail to provide quality burgers. The fries are good, you can add seasoning if youd like at the booths. The soft serve is also a must.


Takoyia Parrish

2 months ago

Love this place. Even with Covid, they still manage to give great service. I go for the soft serve Ice cream. I'm happy their back to regular hours. Closing at 4 was killing me. Especially when I wanted ice cream after work which is 5p but had to wait til Saturday.