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a month ago

Phenomenal service. Our server was a super funny guy who was extremely helpful in ordering and had wonderful customer service and conversation. Had a beard and worked the patio (wish I remembered his name I think it was KENT) Oysters were out of control delicious both my boyfriend and I agreed they were some of the best we've ever had. Had the chicken and cinnamon bun. Chicken was crispy outside and super succulent and moist inside. We also enjoyed the deviled eggs. He ordered a beer and I ordered a Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary was light and delicious- not over bearing. We almost returned the next day to dine again it was that good. We were very comfortable with the distancing and seating during covid as well. This is a must try if you haven't!


juan neal

a year ago

NC Red was ok. The Oysters served with our Big block Tower were small, and the shrimp was not very well seasoned. We enjoyed the main entrees, although the hot salad was not very popular. The fried chicken was tasty however I've enjoyed better. The fried okra was some of the best I've had. Not a bad place, but it's not one I'd drive hours to checkout.


Christopher Hart

9 months ago

Sat at the bar on a Friday night. Sabrina took great care of us: the seasonal winter cocktails were very well made. While there is a larger wine selection than you probably expect here and great draft beer choices, I'd suggest starting with the cocktail menu and working your way back. When it comes to food, you really cannot go wrong with the two centerpieces of the menu: the lobster roll and the chicken. Lobster rolls are one of those dishes that can be boring if not perfectly executed, but NC Red's nail it. Get it warm. The Nashville hot chicken is perfection, and you can "upgrade" the fried chicken sandwich to be Nashville hot style for an extra $1. I loved it, but be prepared for some heat - this is much closer to actual hot chicken you would find in Nashville. Other places I've had similar dishes in Charlotte are not this spicy, and I prefer NC Red's authenticity. The only side we tried was the broccoli and it doesn't disappoint: the flavor with the garlic sauce really adds to the dish. Finally, the Atlantic Beach Pie is a must eat dessert. No description of this really does it justice, but imagine something like a key lime pie but with a more custardy lemon filling and a looser crust made from saltine crackers.


Anthony Russo

2 weeks ago

Cold catfish. Otherwise, it was great. Service was good. Nice atmosphere though loud at times.


lawson parsell

a month ago

Waited 5 minutes for someone to come to the table its 830 on a Thursday night. 9 employees with only two tables besides ours. 4 employees plus the bartender sitting gossiping at the bar 3 feet away. On top of all that the waiter decided during a pandemic to touch my shoulder during his schpeal on the daily specials. Absolutely disappointed after hearing such good things.