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Najat Tajuddin

11 months ago

This food here is DELICIOUS!! The only Caribbean restaurant in town that serves Rundown, that I know of. Man, it was good, GOOD! Our group ordered also ordered: Jerk Chicken (the best!) just didn't care for the scant portion. I hate it when island restaurants chop up the meat and then serve you bones. Chicken and waffles (2 waffles, chicken leg and bones) very good! Porridge (so good!). We had the seafood platter, EVERYTHING TASTED EXCEPTIONALLY WELL!! Cabbage good! Mac-n-cheese, please work on this recipe. Plantains, the only way to mess them up is to serve them before they are ripe. They did better this TIME Rice n peas.....they need more coconut milk/water and to cook a bit longer... some of the rice was harder than others. I had stopped in previous to this last visit and grabbed a lunch special. It's really not a good value (a lot of rice, a spoonful of cabbage, 1 single wing ding and bones) so I suggest just going with a regular size, you will be happier. Overall, food was the best tasting food I have had in quite a while! Hopefully, they will consider my review and the others. I will be back again and again for the food, the atmosphere and the service.


Liz Khan

9 months ago

Food was amazing! Ordered goat curry and ox tail special with rice and beans, and stewed veggies and side of sweet plantains. Really hit the spot for a Caribbean fix! Meat was very tender and seasoned to perfection. Every item was delicious. Meat portions are a bit on the smaller size so order large. Will be back :)


Lyncie McDonald

a year ago

Heard about this spot thought I'd try it out, I had curried goat pumpkin rice with plantains, wow great flavor real authentic Jamaican taste nice intimate lounge also I definitely would recommend! PS please try the beverages had a taste of all but chose the carrot awesome! Great rum punch also. Thumbs up to the chef!


Debra Coke

9 months ago

Jerk Chicken was not good, and had feathers on the skin, upset my stomach!! Curry goat was good with everything else in the plate. I was to get rice and peas with two sides. Only received one side of plantains 4 pieces. Not that I am exact on things but it should have been 8 pieces for two sides of plantains. Never ordering jerk chicken again tho!!!


Lori Coleman

10 months ago

The food was good. Staff was nice. There was a paint and play event going on but we didnt participate. The vibe was chill. DJ was good. Food portions were small by savory.