Wesley Heights

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Order fresh and authentic Mexican food at the counter at this fast-casual restaurant located just outside of Uptown. Customize your bowls and burritos or order their signature dishes off the menu.

Cuisine Type: Mexican

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $

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Darryl Vaughn

3 weeks ago

I heard of this establishment from a previous co-worker that would talk about the $5 bowl. While I didnt visit during a $5 bowl day, I honestly would have no issue paying full price. The bowl is a much bigger portion than what you would get in Chipotle, but the biggest plus for me was the fact that for protein options, they had fish and also tofu! As a pescatarian, this was a huge plus for me. Another plus was the fact that you can also order a bottle of beer to go at a very affordable price! I got a burrito bowl with buffalo tofu and the flavor was amazing and had the spice that I loved! Picante is now going to be my main destination for burrito bowls, I really enjoyed my food!


Andrew Siniarski

7 months ago

Delicious! Totally go on a Tuesday. Burritos or burrito bowls for like $6.25. Look at the size of that bowl! So many fixings to choose from. A note about the 'hot' salsa. It's not burn your face off hot, but it was a bit hotter than I expected. Still super yummy.


Ashonti Long

in the last week

This place has terrible customer service. Ive tried ordering from this place 3 times on 3 different days, and each time I called, the woman said she could not take my order since she had customers. The amount of time it took her to answer my questions, she could have taken my ordering for one steak burrito. I will not be order from here. This job needs to be given to someone that at least can multitask.


Maria Handschu

4 weeks ago

Id just like to call out the man at the West Charlotte Picante, I called in bc your website is terrible. Please get that fixed. Two; Grubhub was not working, figure that out. But most of all, Im calling you out for the unprofessionalism. I was appreciate of the fact that you told me you had customers and to call back in five mins. However, I called back and you proceeded to sound exasperated and annoyed, not to mention you actually said Im sorry yall, this is why I dont do call in orders, I have customers. I AM A CUSTOMER. Trust, I wont make that mistake again.


R Hammond

a year ago

I come here at least once a week to get a nacho bowl. Besides one cashier who always seems to have an attitude, I love this place. Everything is flavorful and carefully prepared. Its also vegetarian friendly!