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Jason Pinger

in the last week

If you are looking for a great place to get your food this is the place. Chicken is their signature but everything is great. Make sure you bring cash since it is cash only, they do have an ATM for those who forget. Friendly staff will always get you with a smile. This place gets really busy so if your planning on lunch plan ahead. There is no dining area but do not let that stop you. You can sit in your car, eat on the side of the hill like most or if you can actually wait and not succumb to the aroma take it back to your office or home and enjoy there, but I bet you can not.


LaJuana Scott

a month ago

Food was ok. Service was amazing. Art helped me order for my first time. There was about five lines of people and I watched them all and hoped in his line and it was the longest. But I love the way he handled each one of his guest. I am very big on guest service and he hit all the marks. Introduced himself and made me feel welcome. My girls loved his attitude and his name. He would make anyone come back. Give him a raise cause he is awesome. The front face is most important. The food could be great but if guest service sucks you have lost a guest. Great job Art!


J Walls

3 months ago

This place is DELICIOUS. One of the best carryout spots I've been to...I see why they've lasted in a fast paced city for 60 years!! I came to visit Charlotte and my friends suggested this place. I ordered fish and 1/4 dark meat. Everything was perfectly fried. Might I say the fish was a little better than the chicken?? Slaw was good and I don't like slaw that much. Who knew a pickle would help?! There was so much food since dinner plates come with hush puppies, fries, slaw, and bread. I only paid $13 including the sweet tea! By the way, the tea was okay. Not my favorite but washes everything down well. Reminds me of being home in the country and I loved every moment of it. Only problem is that it's still cash only and they charge for hot sauce per packet too. But I'm happy they supply an ATM.


Phyllis Davis

4 weeks ago

Always good fried chicken and fish. Serving size is plentiful. Fast service even at lunch time. A must place to take your visitors!


Erica Davis

a week ago

I love this place, but due to a new found food allergy of being allergic to shell fish. I called in advance to find out if the oil used to fry the chicken, fries, and hush puppies was the same oil used to fry their shrimp in. The person I talked to did not give me a direct answer I quote "Its a possibility." Not being able to give me a direct answer was very irritating and it makes me worry about people with the same issue to being allergic to shell fish that eat their food because if the same oil is used it could cause someone to have an allergic reaction.