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Brian Marroquin

2 weeks ago

Great food at good prices. The smell walking up to the restaurant is amazing. Make sure to have cash and patience because it gets packed and they only take cash. There is an ATM inside but it charges $3.00. This is not a restaurant that you can sit down and eat. It's take out only.


caleb sullivan

a month ago

I had heard from a ton of people how Prices was the best chicken in Charlotte. I bought into the hype and was expecting it to be mind-blowing. The line was out the door, but moved super quick. Got my half chicken dinner and the food was pretty meh. Id go there again if somebody I was with really wanted to, but it wouldnt be very high on my list of places to check out. If you havent eaten there, its worth a shot. Its nice to support vintage Mom and Pop places around town.


Brad Cowan

a week ago

Spectacular chicken, I absolutely recommend this place. Probably the best I've had, and their sides are good, too. It's an in-and-out place, so there is no dining room, but the food is so good you'll want to enjoy it at home. Seriously, stop reading and go- the proof is in the pudding!


Dennis Reynolds

3 weeks ago

Anyone who likes boxed to go chicken, chicken livers, chicken sandwiches, or Whitefish should try Price's Chicken Coop. There is no inside dining. Everything is carry out. Sweet tea and canned drinks available. You better hurry while you can. Gentrification is taking over the neighborhood and they're one of the last places there of that era.


Emil Morco

3 weeks ago

I saw this place after watching the food network, I can't remember the show specifically. We didn't know it was cash only because we're from out of town so we drove around Charlotte looking for an ATM. Between going through all that to get some money to buy some chicken and what I saw on TV, I had my hopes pretty high up. I remember thinking, "Oh man, here it is" before taking my first bite. It was ok. I probably shouldn't have expected all that because very few places live up to what I imagine. I'd say it's worth it if you are a hungry local with cash on you, but for out of town folk...you're paying for the experience. It isn't mind blowing fried chicken. It's fried chicken period. Maybe that's why people rave about it, no fluff or frills, just an honest fried chicken.