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Doll Gemini

a week ago

The staff was very nice and attentive. The scenery was gorgeous. On the downside the food was not good and the staff was not wearing masks. Some of them were but not many. The Catawba Queen needs some updates also. It was very crowded inside the dining area so we were nott able to be 6 feet from other guests at the other tables. It's on my bucket list because it's one of those things I wouldn't do again.


Jacqui Hawkins

4 weeks ago

Sooo, where to begin??? The facility itself is in some major need of upkeep and clearly has been neglected. It's a shame because the location is ideal and it really could be a beautiful place to visit. The ships? Yikes. They are in desperate need of attention. A good washing and a paint job would go far. They said that due to Covid, they removed 50% of the seating. If that's the case, they didn't have room to move Pre-Covid. I had to strategically place my seat to avoid being on top of the table behind me. Most people kept their masks on throughout the ride, which was unexpected. We ordered lunch and it was waiting for us on the vessel. I was afraid by the looks of the ship, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was nice and cold - the chicken salad wrap was delicious and their potato salad is to die for! The tour itself was relaxing and informative. Captain Boots is from the area and provided so much information in an entertaining was enjoyable to listen to him. I will say, when I'm on a date day with my husband of 26 years, I tend to want to avoid controversy, strife and politics...we are very BLUE and the Lake Norman area is very RED, which is fine. We can overlook that part and still enjoy ourselves, but the Captain DID crack some "jokes" that didn't need to be said. I wasn't offended, I know who I am, but I just felt they were unnecessary. It didn't improve or ruin the quality of our tour. I would travel again, but I do hope they make some basic improvements of the fleet, AT LEAST.


latisha smith

2 weeks ago

I had amazing time. The entire staff was awesome. The entertainment was sooooooo great! The Live music was super fantastic. I purchased the VIP ticket worth the purchase ! We met the captain He was very nice! I would definitely aboard again! However the yacht lady of the Lake needs a little upgrading. But other than that beautiful scenery just I had a fabulous time !!!!


Mikel Rider

a month ago

If anyone asks if Id recommend this, itd be a hard no. Customer service wasnt good. Cleanliness wasnt good. Salad was ok and dinner was ok. Dessert was terrible! $65 per person and all you can come up with is either chocolate pudding, banana pudding, or pound cake? Spiders on the railing, the floor was rusted, and lights were out. The timing is weird too. Starts at 7:30 and ends at 9:30. So if youre sitting outside and on the stern of the boat like us, youre eating in the dark. The bar is downstairs and I guess the expectation for guests is, theyll get you your first drink but after that youre on your own. They wont even check on your water. No, save your money!


Fleming’s Simply Divine Sweets

2 months ago

Had a blast decided to do VIP for my friends birthday celebration and it was the best ever. Spacious, not much to worry about social distancing. The food was delicious, we had so much fun!