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Christian Alva

a week ago

Been here three separate times. The day it opened, two months later, and this past December. The first day, the donuts and biscuits are very dry. The donuts are basic, they rely too much on the topping to carry it through but are too rich to allow the flavor of the dough or other flavors to come through. The second time, we tried the biscuit sandwiches. The chicken was cooked well, but it's over breaded which overhauls the taste and then completely shadowed by the ridiculously dry biscuit. The third time we went, we hoped they had improved were met with the same. Really dry biscuit over breaded chicken and really underwhelming Donuts. Good ideas but poor execution. They can improve on this however


Mai Vang

5 months ago

I've been here three times for lunch, and each time I've had great service. Their biscuit sandwiches are what I usually get, and I can happily tell you I'll be back for more. Ive tried both their meatloaf and the buffalo chicken sandwich options, and I'd definitely recommend them if you haven't tried it. I also just tried their hash cake, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. My side of ranch of a little 'watery,' but all in all, with the service and good eats, I'll be back!


The Shade Couch

2 weeks ago

The DONUTS are STALE.I had donuts from here when they first open and they were awesome! I went in to get some donuts this past week and they were terrible and stale. I drove 40 min to taste disappointment.


Lyme Warrior

3 months ago

Have been to rise several times since they have been open. Overall food is very good. I work with food at my job. Most recent visit today was kind of a turnoff. Good looking guy at register could not stop rubbing his face, nose, all over. I did not order a donut but sure hope this guy was'nt serving them up. Looking back at the kitchen staff, black lady has long wig / weave on and a cap. What is that doing for her ?? Ughhh...she was cooking ? Where are hairnets? There is only so much a cap will do for you. When you work around food ,(workers especially), should be clean and project clean habits. Won't feeling that today.


Stephen Olejnicak

3 months ago

Decided to try breakfast here some time back with the family. I'd heard some people talk about having never gone there, so we decided to pioneer the way. You sorta stand in line for your order while hopefully someone snags a table for the group. Then they make it and you bring it to wherever you're sitting. There really isn't enough room inside for more than 15 people. I think there's a small 'bar' at which singles and couples could hang out. So the food.. Well, my son will eat any donuts in the world and thought these were gross. I don't generally eat them because they're unhealthy, and I found the chocolate one my son had was terrible. I ordered the old-fashioned (because I like them) and the lemon glaze was so overpowering I threw it out after a small bite (and I spit it out). Now as to the food they make (biscuits and eggs and sausage and whatnot)... It's super easy to make at home. Buy the fattiest, cheapest sausage and a very tiny egg. Cook these in a pan with lots of salt. Then find a biscuit in a dumpster or other trash receptacle (or fresh from KFC). Cut it into bite sized pieces. Lay down on your kitchen floor with some cardboard or newspapers under your head. Make sure to wear some kind of swimming googles to form a tight seal around your nose and eyes. Tilt your head back and open your mouth. Now, have a family member grab one of those canisters of Morton salt with the little metal pour spout. And then just pour the whole damned thing into your mouth. Once the canister is empty. Toss a bit of egg and crappy sausage on top. Once you finish that bite, grab another canister of salt and repeat until your breakfast is finished.